Shipping Containers Grew More Popular During COVID
Apr 2022

Shipping Containers Grew More Popular During COVID

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As rent hikes and homes become ever more expensive during COVID, shipping containers are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to homeowning in Ontario. People of all ages are latching onto this accessible and inexpensive new fad sweeping North America.

Modifying a shipping container into a homestead means becoming a fully-realized homeowner during such unprecedented and unusual times, and it has only become more popular since its original conception.

A shipping container can double as an office building or gym as we spend more time at home. But can the shipping container exude the same environment as your office or gym? Is this new method of becoming a homeowner a better avenue to take? Does this alternative have benefits that make the effort of modification worth it?

To understand the draw of the shipping container in Ontario, let us explore the benefits it has to offer!

A Demand for the Container

Shipping containers are now in demand. The ability to work remotely and the need to develop a space to work has grown rapidly. Utilizing the shipping container to create these spaces has been a credit to its newfound popularity. Building an area with all the necessities to thrive in an isolated setting has been a major draw during COVID.

The shipping container has, in turn, proven to be incredibly useful during these trying times. Converting an empty shipping container to a cozy home where additions can easily become important rooms during a pandemic, like an office space, a home gym, and any other extra spaces that might be needed in the future.

These conversion methods are also popular due to the shipping container’s affordability, particularly in comparison to the price of rent and housing that most young millennials and gen Z’s cannot gain access to due to increased wage inequality and the burdens of student debt.

But it’s not just those vying for homes that are finding the shipping container useful; business owners are also proclaiming their admiration for the container. As working from home becomes our new norm, so does the need for an office space away from the distractions of home life.

Business owners are converting shipping containers into small offices on their lawns to separate business and home and maximize self-productivity from home. And as shipping containers are made to receive add ons, much like a set of Legos, additions to your home, office, or gym are always doable.

Expenses, Sustainability and Safety

In addition to the versatility of the shipping container and the varied ways it can be transformed, it is also affordable, safe to reside in, and sustainable. To repurpose a shipping container into your new home is environmentally friendly as you recycle an otherwise retire piece of material.

Due to the minuscule size of some of the containers, a repurposed container can also take up a lot less space on any given plot of land, which can minimize expenses and is more eco-friendly.

More so, using shipping containers as an alternative to homeowning can save you thousands, if not more. And as provinces like Ontario are becoming more open to container homes being built on plots of land, it can be relatively simplistic to gain a building permit.

Naturally, the safety of living in a container can be questioned. But as the containers were designed to endure harsh weather to protect the contents inside, these containers are liable to protect you as well.

Although the inside of your shipping container may need a good wash upon receiving it to rid it of any harmful chemicals, the shipping container is surprisingly safe. With durability, sustainability, and affordability all a guarantee with shipping containers, the benefits of this repurposed home are endless!


Customizing your shipping container can become like any DIY project. Adding new flooring, wiring and electricity, insulation, new walls, and ventilation can all be accomplished and cost-effective.

The shipping container can also be easily customized and decorated. Such amazing customization can be viewed through the swaths of popular social media videos portraying many people customizing and creating the shipping container home of their dreams! To purchase a shipping container today to customize and create your own cozy space, check out the selection found on the Sigma Containers website.


As the pandemic dragged on, people discovered how useful shipping containers could be during times of social isolation. Building inexpensive homes, offices, and gyms have compelled many people to invest in a shipping container.

Due to its environmental sustainability, affordability that is a major draw to young people, and compact space that can be easily customized, shipping containers have reached a peak in popularity that only continues to grow.

To learn more about converting an old shipping container into your new home office, call Sigma Containers at 1-877-225-7762 or contact us here.

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