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Shipping Container Supplier in NewmarketSigma Container Corporation (SCC) has helped the city of Newmarket transition into using clean, one-trip ISO shipping containers as the preferred excess storage solution. Our units are clean and feature the many advantages as opposed to conventional storage, including:

  • Portable – if you are moving, your container (and goods) can move with you
  • Clean and simple aesthetics
  • Perfect for modifications and customizations to suit your needs
  • High Security Lockbox to keep your belongings safe
  • Strong and Durable – Corten steel composition helps maintain the structure for many years to come
  • Extra Vents to help airflow and prevent condensation build-up

Our one-trip containers have only carried cargo once in their lifetime, and therefore still maintain much of their original look and shape, with minimized chance of rust or dents common in used containers. We guarantee that your container will arrive just as strong and sturdy as the day it left the factory.


With a wide range of container sizes available (new and used), SCC is ready to serve you! Reliability, cost-efficiency, and easy relocation are just a few qualities that SCC takes pride in. So you’ll know that when you get an SCC container, that it will last for years to come.


SCC is ready to modify your container! Here at SCC, we have a modifications team ready to help modify containers to fit a variety of applications. From simple storage to pop-up shops and full-scale living spaces, SCC can help.


Need help moving your container? With SCC experienced transport team, you can be assured that your container relocation will be done quickly.

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