Securing Your Shipping Container: 5 Things You Need to Be Aware Of
Feb 2022

Securing Your Shipping Container: 5 Things You Need to Be Aware Of

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Let’s face it – we live in a world that’s constantly on edge in terms of safety, so having some peace of mind regarding security can help to relieve some of those fears and prevent extensive damage to precious goods. For owners of shipping container rentals in Ontario, it’s important to be aware of some of the potential dangers and how to combat them with effective security measures.

Depending on the intended purpose of your shipping container, there may be some valuable items in there that could be a potential target for criminals. If you are running a shop or business in your container, it’s important to keep any private information or valuables safe from prying hands.

To reduce the risk of criminal activity around your shipping container, you need to make sure that your container is physically secure and practically impossible for people to get into without permission. In this guide, we will take you through a step-by-step process to explain some of the top things you should be aware of while learning how to secure your shipping container.

Why secure your shipping container?

Investing in quality security is a fundamental part of any growing business. Accordingly, if your shipping container is your main place of business, your company could be under constant threat without proper security measures in place.

As for those using their shipping container for personal reasons, theft and vandalism is still a threat. There are many reasons why someone may want access to your container even if it isn’t likely that they will find expensive items to take. For example, your container might contain personal identification information that a criminal can use for fraud.

Making your shipping container difficult to break into will allow you to leave it unattended for extended periods of time without the risk of intruders finding their way into what should be your safe space. Therefore, to keep your personal information and valuable goods secure, it is important to follow a range of methods designed to keep your shipping container security in tip-top shape.

5 Essential Steps to a Secure Shipping Container

1. Use heavy-duty padlocks or a container lockbox

Making sure your shipping container is locked up tight is the first step to building a superior security system. A regular padlock may not be much good against an experienced thief who could simply break the padlock and gain easy access to your container. Invest in a top-grade heavy-duty padlock to decrease the risk of having your locks broken or even a container lockbox.

A container lockbox is a steel box that provides a safe and secure place for your padlock. This is an extra layer of security that prevents thieves from tampering with your padlock. These are generally easy to install and require little time, as they simply need to be bolted or fastened on.

2. Make sure your container is sealed and maintained

Any security measures you install will not have much effect if your container has easy entry points from cracks or openings caused by rust or corrosion. It’s easy for a criminal to look over your container and find ways of getting in that don’t involve tampering with a lock.

One way of preventing criminals from finding ways to tear apart your container include investing in a corrosion-resistant container. However, if this is not an option, you also have the opportunity to treat your container with a special paint or product designed to keep the metal secure, durable and more resistant to weather-induced damage.

3. Point cameras at the targeted area

Most large-scale businesses, such as grocery stores, will have a set of surveillance cameras that record the surrounding area and provide proof of theft, the thief’s appearance and any other evidence that will help the investigation afterwards.

In fact, not only is it a great way to decrease the risk of break-ins and theft, investing in a quality surveillance camera system helps to deter thieves from even trying in the first place. When someone sees a camera pointing straight at them, or even a sign explaining that the area is being protected by 24/7 surveillance, they are much less likely to attempt a crime when they know there’s a high chance of being caught.

A convenient way to install this security system would be to attach a CCTV pole to your shipping container with a camera at the top. This will allow your surveillance camera to capture a wide range of footage while remaining in direct view of any criminal passing by, letting them know that they are being filmed.

4. Install an alarm system inside the container

The type of alarm system you install depends on the location of your shipping container, so ensure you choose one that provides the maximum amount of security. Today, there are alarms available that are triggered as soon as the shipping container is opened. Alternatively, you can place a motion detector alarm system that is visible on the door of the shipping container.

If your container is located in an area far from any nearby civilization, an alarm that only makes noise would be useless in providing adequate protection. In this case, you will want an alarm that notifies you and/or calls the police right away if there is any suspicion of a person breaking into your container. This will ensure that an action is being taken at the first sign of a crime, and may prevent the thief from going through with it if they realize police are on the way.

5. Maintain a consistent record book

Keeping a record of all operations surrounding your shipping container may prove to be useful in the long run. Should an item in your inventory go missing, you can easily go back into your record book to check for the information on that specific item.

For instance, any time an item or a batch of goods enters or leaves your inventory, record it in your book. If you are moving your container to a new location, record where and when you are moving it, and the reasons why. Such record-keeping may seem extensive at first but in the long run, you will be glad to have this information on hand if something goes wrong.

How to Invest in Top-Notch Container Security

Taking the time to invest in security that ultimately keeps your container safe, in the long run, can be a lengthy process if you are not already experienced. At Sigma Container, we can help shorten this process by guiding you through the fundamentals of proper shipping container security.

With our team of dedicated professionals, you can have the pleasure and comfort of knowing that your shipping container is highly secure and looked after while you are not there. We understand the importance of an exemplary security system, and we intend to provide customer satisfaction guaranteed.

For more information on container rentals in Ontario, modifying your shipping container, or how to keep your shipping container secure, call Sigma Container at 855-228-1993 or toll-free at 1-877-225-7762 or contact us here.

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