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Shipping Container Supplier in ScugogSigma Container Corporation proudly supplies the Peterborough community with clean, durable and secure shipping containers for both residential and commercial use. Not only are our containers cost efficient and environmentally friendly, they are also very easy to set up.

While our delivery team can assist you with the set up of the container, it is up to you on where you want the container to be set. When choosing the right spot, consider:

  • The site needs to be accessible for the delivery truck. A 20 ft container will need approximately 50 ft of linear space, and a 40 ft container will need approximately 100 ft.
  • Access to the container’s final spot needs to be clear of obstructions.
  • The truck is a very heavy vehicle – and we don’t want to ruin your newly mowed lawn with tire tracks! Make sure the route of the truck will not damage any landscape that you worked hard to take care of.


With SCC’s new and used container sizes in our inventory, we are ready to pair you up with the container you need. Reliability and efficiency are something you can be confident SCC will provide to the highest standard.


Depending on the use of your container, you may require assistance to modify your container to suit your needs. We help clients create pop-up shops, offices, and much more with these bespoke modifications.


With SCC experienced transport team moving your container, you can be assured that your container will be at its location when you need it – even if it is loaded!

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