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Shipping Container Supplier in Brampton

Sigma Container Corporation has been a leader in shipping container services across Brampton for decades. At SCC, we recognize the value and increasing versatility of shipping containers. Containers are no longer limited to the supply chain of transporting goods and materials. The humble steel box has rapidly become so much more as customers have started to get creative with their modification and uses. 

Through our streamlined shipping container modifications, sales, and rental services, our Sigma team is here to offer Brampton residents and business owners an alternative and sustainable take on outdoor portable storage, offices, pop-up sale spaces, and much more.


Here at Sigma, we believe that every customer is unique in their needs. When you reach out to us, our sales and consulting team is ready to listen and help provide solutions. 

For any idea that you might have in mind, our team can provide you with:

  • A detailed summary of our various shipping containers and conditions available for purchase or rent in Brampton.

  • Our best available custom quote. 

  • Our custom modifications expertise, if needed to achieve the idea in mind, that would entail:

    • Providing template drawings of the modifications to be done on the shipping container for your approval.

    • Purchasing the necessary materials for said modifications

    • Fabrication work.

  • Swift delivery or relocation services of shipping containers using our tilt-and-load trucks.

  • Answers or suggestions to any questions you may have!


When choosing a Sigma shipping container, remember to think about the main purpose of the container to choose the right size and condition for you. 

For purchase in Brampton, we have 20’ and 40’ containers available in standard (8’ 6”) and high cube (9’ 6”) height. The containers are available in two conditions: used cargo-worthy and new (one-trip). Cargo worthy is a grade higher than Wind and Water Tight as it includes solid floor, working doors and door seals. By purchasing your own container you would have full control over how the product will be used and any possible modifications that can be applied. 

For the less permanent secure storage solution in Brampton, renting a shipping container may be the perfect fit for you. Shipping container rentals are perfect for that short term storage on a flexible rental agreement. It can also be cheaper than renting out a storage unit at a storage facility. Some of our past customers have used rental containers as seasonal storage space, such as storing a car or boat during the winter. 

Rentals are not solely good for temporary storage. They can be used for event spaces, pop up stores, art studios, and more.


Modifications are an easy way to personalize your shipping container in Brampton. Many of our clients around Ontario request basic modifications that provide a simple solution to their container needs. With just a few modifications, our clients have found that the utility of their shipping containers have drastically improved. For example, with how long a 40’ container is, it is hard to access your possessions at the back of the container through only one door. A simple solution would be to add another opening towards the other end of the container so it eliminates the need to take all your items out for what you may need at the back, and then put them back in.

Here are our most common modification requests:

  • Doors: 3’ x 7’ man doors and roll-up doors of varying sizes

  • Windows of various sizes

  • Louvers and vents

  • Custom painting

  • Double Wide Containers

Other common requests include lockboxes, tire racks and shelving.


After discussing the size, type and possible modifications to your container with your Sigma representative, they will relay information regarding the delivery so that your order can be completed smoothly. Even if you already have a shipping container within Ontario and are simply looking for relocation services, it would be helpful to know these two points regarding our tilt-and-load trucks.

  1. Always confirm that the routes and the drop site are fully accessible for our trucks. The truck needs approx. 13 – 15 ft of width and the truck itself is ~ 12.5 ft in height. When picking up or dropping a container to the ground, a 20 ft container will need approx. 60 ft of clear linear space, while a 40 ft container will need approximately 120 ft. The highest point of the truck would then reach 15-18 ft in height.

  2. The trucks are HEAVY! The total weight of a shipping container and truck can be over 45,000 lbs. Please make sure that the weather has not led to ground conditions to soften if the truck will be driving on grass or dirt. 


With your next shipping container in mind, feel free to contact us at 1-877-225-7762 or fill out the contact form below to either get started on your order. If you have any questions regarding shipping container sales or rentals in Brampton, our Sigma team will be here to assist.

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