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Shipping Container Supplier in BramptonSigma Container Corporation operates at the leading frontier of shipping container modifications. We recognize the versatility of the humble shipping container, and our team is streamlined to offer Brampton residents and business owners an alternative take on outside storage, offices, pop-up shops and more.


Here at Sigma, we believe that every customer is unique in their needs. When you reach out to us, our sales and consulting team is ready to listen. If you have modifications work in mind, we then in turn provide you with:

  • A custom quote
  • A scope of work for you to agree upon
  • Once this is agreed upon, our team will commence the work by:
    • Providing you with drawings of your modified container for your approval
    • Purchasing the necessary materials for the modifications
    • Fabrication work
  • Once work is completed, your representative will reach out to you to arrange delivery
  • Site preparation and installation

Many of our clients around Ontario request basic modifications that provide a simple solution to their container needs, as well as an easy way to personalize your container. With just a few modifications, our clients have found that the utility of their shipping container drastically improved. Here are our most common modification requests:

  • Doors: 3’ x 7’ man doors and roll-up doors of varying sizes
  • Louvers and vents
  • Custom painting
  • Spray foam insulation
  • Electrical work (electrical panel, lights, outlets, ESA certification)

Other common requests include lockboxes, tire racks and shelving.

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