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Shipping Container Modifications


Equipped with the latest technology, and staffed with experienced professionals, SCC is ready to help make your container vision a reality. Secure and portable, the standard ISO shipping container provides a versatile platform for innovative design and modification. In the past decades, the humble shipping container has been adapted for a variety of uses across a wide array of industries – and our modification team proudly offers its services to your next project at a highly competitive price.

Even a used container that may not seem as reliable or long lasting as a new container can still be durable to last and weather resistant if in Cargo Worthy condition . Once you paint a used container it can not only enhance the aesthetics, but also helps prolong rusting and protect against weather conditions such as wind and rain. A white container can help to reflect heat in the summer to help keep your container a bit cooler.


Create portable office containers using 20’ or 40’ containers. Or create your own garage using one or two 40’ HC shipping containers for double the width!

Containers are stackable so it is possible to create a structure with two stories.

Other application examples SCC can modify containers into:

  • Workshops
  • Tire Storages
  • Pop-up Shops
  • Generator Enclosures
  • Water Treatment Enclosures
  • Tiny Homes / Housing
  • Portable Storage Solution
  • Military Applications
  • Food Vendors / Portable Kitchens
  • Chicken coops

No matter if a modification is major or minor, SCC prides itself for being able to take care of our customers’ project needs from start to finish.

Whether you have just an idea or a full blueprint ready, you can discuss the details with one of our specialized consultants on getting started on your vision within your budget. Our consultants can assist by notifying you of any possible enhancements on the design or any long-term issues that may arise.

Common modification requests:

  • Roll up Doors of various sizes to increase the size of accessibility
  • Steel Man Doors to increase the number of entrances
  • Louver Vents for ventilation and circulating airflow
  • Painting Exterior and floor (Anti-slip). Enhance the aesthetics and prolong rusting in the exterior while anti-slip paint is perfect for gyms, offices, fire training, etc
  • Partition Walls if needing to separate space inside
  • Windows of various sizes to provide natural light and ventilation
  • Spray Foam Insulation
  • …AND MORE!

Custom requests are also welcome for modifications!

Check out our gallery for some ideas on what a shipping container can do for you!

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