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A bustling metropolis of skyscrapers, businesses, and homes, Toronto was crowned the number one city in Canada in 2021. The densely packed city, with its population of over six million people is visited by more than twenty-seven million tourists a year, leaving Torontonians struggling to find space for themselves let alone their belongings. Living spaces are becoming smaller, and cramped quarters can often result in added stress and frustration. While renting a storage unit used to be a viable solution to the need for space, in recent years, finding a space that is large enough to hold all your possessions while still being affordable has become increasingly more challenging. 

Fortunately, Sigma Container has provided a budget friendly and readily available alternative to tackling Toronto’s space deficit. Sigma Container offers a variety of shipping container services to give you the storage space you need in a personalized and sustainable manner. 

Of course, the use of shipping containers themselves is not a new concept, by any means. However, over the past decade, people have been coming up with a wide range of new and creative ways to utilize their shipping containers for more than just transporting products. 

Repurposed shipping containers have risen in popularity, with one of the most notable examples of modified container projects being the famous Stakt Market in downtown Toronto, a trendy complex that is home to shops, restaurants, and even live entertainment. From building small homes and campers to storing supplies and furniture, there are many ways you can use a shipping container to make your life easier. Need to save even more space? Shipping containers can also be stacked. It’s no wonder that the sale of shipping containers has become a booming business in Toronto.


At Sigma Container, we are committed to helping our friends and neighbours solve their storage woes one container at a time. Some of our most popular services include:

  • Container Sales By purchasing your own container, you can have full control over how the product will be used. Need a place to keep all that excess furniture that you might need at some point in the future? Or maybe you need to store all that landscaping and construction material for the renovation that you’re going to get around to eventually. Shipping containers are weather-proof and highly durable, ensuring that your possessions are safe and sound.
  • Container Rentals – For those of you who are searching for a less permanent storage solution, renting a shipping container may be just what you are looking for. Container rentals are perfect for when you need to protect seasonal items, store supplies for projects, and even for keeping your belongings in a safe space during a move.
  • Container Modification – Sometimes, a plain old container just won’t cut it. With Sigma Container, that’s no problem. Reach out to one of our representatives to discuss options for modifying your unit to suit your needs. You can add lighting, ventilation, dividers, and more – there’s no limit to what you can do to make your Sigma container the perfect storage solution! We have helped clients create pop-up shops, office spaces, and much more with these bespoke customizations.
  • Container Relocation What makes a shipping container a better option than a standard rental unit? The biggest benefit of allowing Sigma Containers to help you with your storage needs is that our products are entirely mobile. With a shipping container, there’s no need to worry about traveling halfway across the city to access your belongings. You can choose to put your shipping container anywhere you want, allowing for ultimate convenience and ease of use, and Sigma will help you get it there!


Do you need an expert in container sales in Toronto? Look no further than Sigma. 

A well established name in the shipping container industry, our company has more than 40 years of experience in selling, transporting, repurposing, and customizing the most affordable and high-quality units for sale. The customized modification processes of our containers have been developed and curated over the years, ensuring that our products will be perfectly suited to your individual needs. 

Sigma Containers is a company you can trust. Our detail-oriented team will be with you every step of the way. Our commitment to assisting you in making informed decisions about the ordering and customization process will give you full confidence in your purchase. Sigma Containers puts you first, guaranteeing that you will be 100% satisfied with your container rental, purchase, modification, or relocation.

Whether you need to store excess inventory, landscaping supplies, home furnishings, Sigma Containers for Sale in Toronto can help. The possibilities for your Sigma container are endless.

For more information on our selection of containers for sale in Toronto, or to learn about options for modifying your container, contact Sigma Container at 1-855-228-1993.

Shipping Container SPECS + Dimension

➔ *On the current page: there is a mix up for the Max payload of 20’ containers (62,000 lbs) and 40’ containers (59,000 lbs). 20’ containers should be 59,000 lbs and 40’ containers should be 62,000 lbs

20′ Container

New 20Ft Container
  Length Width Height
Interior 19’4” 7’8” 7’10”
Exterior 20’ 8’ 8’6”
  Cubic Capacity Tare Weight Maximum Payload
  1,165 cubic feet Approx. 5000 lbs Approx. 62,000 lbs

40’ Container(Standard)

40’ container -standard
  Length Width Height
Interior 39’5” 7’8” 7’10”
Exterior 40’ 8’ 8’6”
  Cubic Capacity Tare Weight Maximum Payload
  2,350 cubic feet Approx. 8000 lbs Approx. 59,000 lbs

40’ Container (High Cube)

40’ container -high cube
  Length Width Height
Interior 39’4” 7’8” 8’10”
Exterior 40’ 8’ 9’6”
  Cubic Capacity Tare Weight Maximum Payload
  2,700 cubic feet Approx. 8600 lbs Approx. 63,000 lbs
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Need to move your container? Whether it is a 20′ or 40′ container, loaded or unloaded – we can help!


How do you respond to last-minute requests for quick container delivery or emergency situations?

In order to meet emergency needs, we offer accelerated delivery choices that guarantee prompt container delivery.

Can you provide advice or recommendations on how to best use the space inside the containers to meet certain storage requirements?

In accordance with your particular requirements, we do offer recommendations for optimizing storage space inside containers.

Regarding painting or altering the outside of the containers for aesthetic or branding reasons, are there any rules or limitations?

In order to ensure regulatory compliance and maintain structural integrity, we provide guidelines on exterior alterations or branding.  

Could you advise me on the best ways to secure sensitive or expensive items in containers while they are in transit?

It’s true that we provide advice on how to safeguard priceless items when they’re being transported inside of containers.

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