Every Container Size and Type Available in the Industry for Sale

Container Sales

SCC offers new and used containers – standard and specialty – to suit a variety of project needs. We carry 20’, 40’, and 40’ high cube containers for purchase or rent provincewide. Our well established relationships with reliable suppliers and streamlined system of operations allows us to provide customers with quality units all across Ontario within 1-5 business days.

Container Modifications

Equipped with the latest technology, and staffed with experienced professionals, SCC is ready to help make your container vision a reality. Secure and portable, the standard ISO shipping container provides a versatile platform for innovative design and modification.

Shipping Container Moving and Delivery

SCC uses tilt-and-load trucks to provide reliable delivery to our customers. This allows our drivers to maneuver and drop our containers off in precise locations! When deciding on the exact spot for where you want the container to be dropped off on your property, please clear enough space for the truck to move into position. That way, our drivers can drop the container off exactly where you want it!

Shipping Container Storage Rentals

With one of Ontario’s fastest growing rental fleets, SCC is ready to deliver as many shipping containers as you need for rent at an affordable cost! SCC offers a large variety of high-security shipping container storage solutions for both commercial and residential use, brought directly to you with our tilt-and-load trucks.  Our units are clean and feature many advantages as opposed to conventional storage.

Latest Projects

reception area container A
reception area container B
Poolside Office Container
Steel Checker Plate Flooring
Double-Wide Container 40' x 16'
Container sketch
Shipping container sketch

Compartmentalized Storage Container – 40′ STD

Terms of Sale and Delivery of Shipping Container

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How are shipping containers delivered?

We use tilt and load trucks to deliver your container to you. The truck will arrive with your container and reverse into the spot you want the container to be dropped off at. The truck will then tilt the back and drive forward, as the container slides off. For information about how much clearance our trucks need, please see below link.
Shipping Container Moving Services

Can I arrange to pick-up my container on my own?

Yes, you can! We would just need to register your carrier ahead of time. On the day of pick-up, we would load your container onto your trailer at no extra cost.

What type of ground surface should I place my container on top of?

Shipping container can go on a variety of ground surfaces, given the correct preparation. We recommend placing the container on top of 4”x4” pressure treated wood planks, especially if the container is going on top of grass. This will elevate the container off the ground and help maintain the unit over a long period of time.

How long will a used shipping container last?

Typically, a shipping container will first be used to move cargo internationally on a steam ship line for 10 – 12 years. After that, many are re-purposed as alternative storage and structural solutions, and can easily be used for another 10+ years.

What condition are used containers available in?

Used containers are graded under three categories: cargo worthy, wind and water tight, and as is. We supply our customers with cargo worthy units, which are inspected prior to delivery to ensure that they are:

  • Wind and water tight; no holes or leaks
  • Working doors and door seals
  • Solid floors
What condition are new containers in?

New containers are referred to as ‘one-trippers’, meaning that they have only carried cargo ONCE as we bring them from our manufacturer in China to Canada. They are the best available units on the North American market.

What is a marine surveyed container and why do I need a certificate for a shipping container?

If you are looking to ship your container internationally, you will need a marine certificate for the container to be accepted on board. Although we do not provide international transport, we work with logistics companies and can provide you with marine certification services.

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