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Shipping Container Supplier in Thornhill


SCC uses tilt-and-load trucks to provide reliable delivery to our customers. This allows our drivers to maneuver and drop our containers off in precise locations! When deciding on the exact spot for where you want the container to be dropped off on your property, please clear enough space for the truck to move into position. That way, our drivers can drop the container off exactly where you want it!


  • The Container Weight and Dimensions
    • Do I need to prepare a spot for my container?
  • The Position of the Container
    • How would I want my container to be oriented when dropped off?
  • The Site Conditions
    • Are there any possible obstacles?
    • Is the condition of the ground safe and level?
  • The Logistics
    • Are there any permits or policies involved for my container?
    • How can the truck have easy access to the container for pick up?
    • How can I have my container dropped off in the spot that I want?


We use tilt-and-load trucks for all our deliveries and moves, meaning that the truck will pick up and roll the container off directly where you would like it to be placed (if accessible). Please make sure that you have enough room for the pickup and delivery to be completed.

The height of the container on a truck is ~ 12.5 FT. When tilted, the container will be tilted at a 15 degree angle and the nose of the container will reach ~15-18 FT in the air.

The roads will also need to be at least 13ft – 15ft wide for our trucks.

The trucks are HEAVY. A container can weigh up to 9,000 lbs and combined on a truck the total weight can be over 45,000 lbs. The Trucks cannot drive over and deliver on soft ground and the ground must be dry and firm if not on asphalt or concrete. If the ground is soft or wet, the driver has the right to refuse to complete the delivery if there is a risk that the truck may sink and get stuck.

The customer must notify us of any obstacles or changes in the conditions to either the Pick Up or Delivery site. Deliveries and Moves can be rescheduled without penalty due to weather conditions if the driver has not started en route.

Let us know the details of your move, and we will provide you with a custom quote. We look forward to hearing from you!


Ask us about our Re-Location services!

You can take your container with you or rent a container when you move!

Just let us know the following information:

  • What size is your container? 20’, 40’, or 40’ HC?
  • Will the container be EMPTY or LOADED*?
  • What are the pick up and delivery locations?
  • When are you looking to have your container moved?

*Please note that there are weight limits for LOADED containers to be picked up using our tilt-and-load trucks. If your container exceeds the weight limit then you may need a crane to help with the move.

Container Size MaximumWeight (including weight of container)
20’ 8,000 lbs
40’ STD 15,000 lbs
40’ HC 17,000 lb

For all LOADED container moves, we require a signed Content Damage Waiver form.


Terms of Sale and Delivery of Shipping Container

Please click here to access our Terms of Sale

How are shipping containers delivered?

We use tilt and load trucks to deliver your container to you. The truck will arrive with your container and reverse into the spot you want the container to be dropped off at. The truck will then tilt the back and drive forward, as the container slides off. For information about how much clearance our trucks need, please see below link.
Shipping Container Moving Services

Can I arrange to pick-up my container on my own?

Yes, you can! We would just need to register your carrier ahead of time. On the day of pick-up, we would load your container onto your trailer at no extra cost.

What is a marine surveyed container and why do I need a certificate for a shipping container?

If you are looking to ship your container internationally, you will need a marine certificate for the container to be accepted on board. Although we do not provide international transport, we work with logistics companies and can provide you with marine certification services.

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