Shipping Container Supplier in OshawaThe City of Oshawa is increasingly turning to shipping containers as the preferred storage solution. As the city develops, more and more home and business owners are requesting for a shipping container as a shed replacement, excess inventory storage etc. With steady inventory from reliable suppliers, Sigma Container Corporation provides clean shipping containers, otherwise known as sea cans, to the residents and business owners of Oshawa and the surrounding Durham region.


One popular application of shipping containers is to use them to house excess inventory on farmland. Our modifications team can add roll-up doors to your container, allowing you to easily store and access otherwise cumbersome materials inside.

The great thing about containers is that it can be placed on a wide variety of surfaces – not just concrete. Grass? Soil? Not a problem. Tell us about where you want to put your container, and our team will advise on the best way to set your container. It’s quick and simple – and our drivers can help you with the set-up on delivery day!


Reliable – Corten steel composition helps maintain the structure for many years to come

Cost efficiency – Purchase once and it will serve for years to come.

Easy to relocation – if you are moving, your container (and goods) can move with you

These are just a few of the advantages containers have over outdoor storage. With a large range of new and used containers of different sizes, SCC is ready to fit you with the container you need!


From simple storage to pop-up shops and full-scale living spaces. With SCC modifying your container you can be assured that it will meet all your requirements!


Shipping containers are meant to be moved. If you help moving your container, SCC is ready to help relocate. With our fast and reliable transport team, you can be assured that your container will be at the location when you need it.

Shipping Container SPECS + Dimension

➔ *On the current page: there is a mix up for the Max payload of 20’ containers (62,000 lbs) and 40’ containers (59,000 lbs). 20’ containers should be 59,000 lbs and 40’ containers should be 62,000 lbs

20′ Container

New 20Ft Container
  Length Width Height
Interior 19’4” 7’8” 7’10”
Exterior 20’ 8’ 8’6”
  Cubic Capacity Tare Weight Maximum Payload
  1,165 cubic feet Approx. 5000 lbs Approx. 62,000 lbs

40’ Container(Standard)

40’ container -standard
  Length Width Height
Interior 39’5” 7’8” 7’10”
Exterior 40’ 8’ 8’6”
  Cubic Capacity Tare Weight Maximum Payload
  2,350 cubic feet Approx. 8000 lbs Approx. 59,000 lbs

40’ Container (High Cube)

40’ container -high cube
  Length Width Height
Interior 39’4” 7’8” 8’10”
Exterior 40’ 8’ 9’6”
  Cubic Capacity Tare Weight Maximum Payload
  2,700 cubic feet Approx. 8600 lbs Approx. 63,000 lbs
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Need to move your container? Whether it is a 20′ or 40′ container, loaded or unloaded – we can help!


When using shipping containers for certain uses (such a living area or a business) are there any special rules or specifications that need to be followed in order to obtain licenses or comply with local laws?

Indeed, different municipal laws apply. We provide advice to make sure that licenses and laws are followed for particular container uses.

After I buy the container, how can I get in touch with customer service or assistance?

Following a purchase, we offer thorough customer care, providing help and direction for any questions or problems.

If I need to transfer a container, could you please clarify the relocation procedure?

A secure and effective transfer to your intended destination is ensured by the shipping logistics we handle for container relocation.

Is there a recommended way to clean or sanitize containers before using them, particularly for certain uses?

To ensure adherence to health and safety regulations, we advise comprehensive cleaning and sanitization prior to use, particularly for specialized applications.

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