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Shipping Container Supplier in BarrieBusinesses and homeowners in Barrie have been making the smarter, greener decision of using shipping containers to tackle their storage needs. Our shipping containers provide secure and clean outdoor space to store their excess inventory and equipment.

Here at Sigma, we take pride in our customer service, and make every effort to ensure that our customers walk away feeling 100% satisfied. Call in today and ask about the solutions Sigma has to offer you!


With a wide range of new and used container sizes available in our inventory, SCC is ready to serve you the right way. As an alternative for outdoor storage, containers are not only a great way to promote global sustainability but also extremely cost-efficient!


Shipping containers are known for their simplicity and durability which makes itself an ideal platform for creative modification work. We at SCC believe that our modification team are able to modify containers to fit all your needs.


Need to move your container? Our transport team is both experienced and capable. With flexible times and fast delivery, you can be assured that your container will be at the location when you need it.

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