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Steel ISO Shipping containers of all sizes delivered to your door. Available in one-trip new and cargo worthy used conditions.
Poolside Office Container
40' STD Used Container Re-painted White
Double-Wide Container 40' x 16'
20' HC New Container Re-painted Red


Here at Sigma Container Corporation (SCC), we take pride in each container we sell. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing our customers with quality, custom tailored container products and services at a competitive price. With over 40 years of combined industry experience and detail-oriented customer service, we’ve helped to custom-craft a variety of innovative solutions for our commercial and residential customers alike!

By repurposing shipping containers, SCC is taking part of the global environmental initiative to reduce, reuse and recycle. Together with our customers, we help to keep what would otherwise be thousands of tons of waste away from landfills. Our business practice not only contributes towards a greener Earth for our future generations, but generates significant cost-benefits for our customers.


Terms of Sale and Delivery of Shipping Container

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How are shipping containers delivered?

We use tilt and load trucks to deliver your container to you. The truck will arrive with your container and reverse into the spot you want the container to be dropped off at. The truck will then tilt the back and drive forward, as the container slides off. For information about how much clearance our trucks need, please see below link.
Shipping Container Moving Services

Can I arrange to pick-up my container on my own?

Yes, you can! We would just need to register your carrier ahead of time. On the day of pick-up, we would load your container onto your trailer at no extra cost.

What type of ground surface should I place my container on top of?

Shipping container can go on a variety of ground surfaces, given the correct preparation. We recommend placing the container on top of 4”x4” pressure treated wood planks, especially if the container is going on top of grass. This will elevate the container off the ground and help maintain the unit over a long period of time.

How long will a used shipping container last?

Typically, a shipping container will first be used to move cargo internationally on a steam ship line for 10 – 12 years. After that, many are re-purposed as alternative storage and structural solutions, and can easily be used for another 10+ years.

What condition are used containers available in?

Used containers are graded under three categories: cargo worthy, wind and water tight, and as is. We supply our customers with cargo worthy units, which are inspected prior to delivery to ensure that they are:

  • Wind and water tight; no holes or leaks
  • Working doors and door seals
  • Solid floors

What condition are new containers in?

New containers are referred to as ‘one-trippers’, meaning that they have only carried cargo ONCE as we bring them from our manufacturer in China to Canada. They are the best available units on the North American market.

What is a marine surveyed container and why do I need a certificate for a shipping container?

If you are looking to ship your container internationally, you will need a marine certificate for the container to be accepted on board. Although we do not provide international transport, we work with logistics companies and can provide you with marine certification services.

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All around excellence in customer service. Christine was amazing to deal with, exceptionally knowledgeable, polite, and down to earth. The driver Kirk was great as well, on time and able to work with the space I had. Sigma is lucky to have an employee like Christine and will receive my business due to her great efforts.

Joe Covemaeker

Spoke to Christine and she was great to deal with. Spoke as if we we've know each, other for a while which was great customer experience as far as I'm concerned. Hopefully get to meet you soon !

Fred Bernard

Amazing customer service from start to finish!!

C hub

Great customer service, great price, they took the time to understand my needs. 100% recommend

Jeffrey Lam

Dealt with Christine and she was very helpful thanks a lot !!


I helped a friend get a shipping container with this company. They were very professional and the container that we got was in good shape.

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Excellent customer service!

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