How Containers can be used to facilitate car storage and shipping
May 2024

How Containers can be used to facilitate car storage and shipping

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How Containers can be used to facilitate cars storage and shipping

Cars are shipped universally all across the world in containers. Containers specifically sea containers are the best option to store your shipping your vehicles.

Containers provide safe, secure and viable storage solutions for all types of vehicles. Considering transporting any type of vehicles across the province, what options do you have? Not really to be completely honest there are limited options if you are wanting to move cars safely.


What size container is ideal for shipping cars

Containers can be shipped in 20’ containers or 40’ containers. In most cases cars are shipped in 40’ containers because of there capability to move more cargo. Typically using the right equipment up to 4 cars can be loaded on top of each other in a 40’ container, while in 20′ container 

Now 20’ containers are also ideal for cars, but these containers have limitations. The limitations are because of their size.

Container specifically used containers are a very and unique alternative to store and move cars. If you are a car euthanistic you may want to consider using a Sea can to store your vehicle.


How Containers differ from Conventional Storage spaces

Now you may be asking why to use a Sea Can? What’s the difference between using a sea can and any other storage space. First off, containers are meant for long term storage meaning they are wind and water proof as well as air tight. This means that Sea containers are a great option for storing vehicles for an extended period of time. 

Containers have the ability to be moved as well unlike other storage spaces. This means that Containers are a far better option than conventional spaces because of the versatility they provide the consumer.

Whether choosing New or Used containers they are both great options for storage of vehicles. Now, new containers are extremely cosmetically appealing, they can be painted in a variety of colours as well based on the customer needs. Same thing goes from used units; they are not as cosmetically appealing thereby painting them well increase the appearance. Containers serve as a great option for additional car storage, then even have the ability to transformed into a fully functional garage.


Modified units for car workshops

Here at Sigma Container, we specialize in modifications, if you are interested in modification this a project we would love to take on.

Containers can be modified to practically anything the consumer desires. Here at Sigma, we prime ourselves in modifying units into anything the customer desires. We can all custom mods, including windows, doors, cut outs, electrical, spray foam and much more.

Containers can easily be transformed into any workshop or garage. Containers provide a safe secure and unique option for car storage. Modifications for car workshops can include roll up doors, garage style doors, windows, man doors, electrical and spray foam. If there is anything you would like to add to your container, there is a good chance that we can accommodate it.


Why use a container for storage?

Containers have the ability to last longer and preserve the contents insides for months to years. Containers provide a cheap option for storage which makes them attractive to lots of customers with larger property or in rural areas. Sea Cans can be used for almost anything but storage of cars/ other automotive vehicles is something that can become a new trend in recent years. With the increase in building costs, as well as labour costs containers provide a great alternative for temporary or permanent storage options.



Storage containers are a great alternative to storage spaces but as well to work shops and temporary garages. There compact structure allows them to be great option to ship or house automobiles and vehicles for extended periods of time. Here at Sigma Container we specialize in modifications. If you have any idea for a major modification us and our modification time will help you throughout the entire process. Alternatively, if you just need a shipping container we can provide you with that as well. We have competitive prices and can delivery anywhere within Ontario. If you have any questions in relation to car storage or car shipping with containers please do not hesitate to contact us at Please visit our website if you are looking into any container services!

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