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Why You Should Use a Shipping Container for Your Next Experiential Marketing Event
Jul 2021

Why You Should Use a Shipping Container for Your Next Experiential Marketing Event

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You’re probably aware of all the creative uses for shipping containers: office space, storage, and even homes and sheds. However, did you ever consider using your container for a marketing event?

Experiential marketing is a strategy that promises an innovative experience to attract potential customers and retain market interest. Utilizing the principles of experiential marketing can greatly benefit your business. It allows customers to engage with your brand and remember your philosophy for years to come. Using experiential marketing also allows for the creation of buzz around your business and can increase word-of-mouth spread.

Here’s how you can utilize your storage container rental as an avant-garde experiential marketing event.

Why Experiential Marketers Love Shipping Containers

If you’re a marketer looking for the next creative strategy, perhaps shipping container events are the next solution to try. Container rentals are versatile and can be used by brands hosting multiple events in multiple locations. The reason this is so important for marketing is that brands are able to bring the container to where the target audience is. Several containers can be stacked over one another, which makes for easy transportation and movement.

Another reason storage container rentals are ideal for experiential events is that they are blank canvases that can be transformed into immersive experiences. This allows marketers to get really creative with their decisions and strategies without too many restrictions. The industrial look is currently trendy, and utilizing a container allows businesses to tap into the industrial aesthetic, which is famous for attracting customers.

Why Experiential Marketers are Using Shipping Containers

This has led to countless brands using rentals to create unforgettable experiences. For example, Adidas customized the outside of their unit to look like an Adidas shoebox. Customers were then able to walk into the “box” where there were retail displays. Coca-Cola also utilized shipping containers for a unique experience. They installed vending machines inside a container, allowing guests to walk in and personalize their sodas. These are just a few examples of brands that have used this unique marketing strategy to their advantage. Gillette and PNC Bank also ran container events, proving that shipping containers are versatile for every kind of marketing need.

Shipping Containers are Easy to Customize

The main advantage of shipping containers is that they come in numerous sizes and with different modifications. This is perfect for customizing your unit, allowing you to get really creative with it! Most shipping containers are easy to set up and pack away. Whether you’re looking to customize your unit for a festival, tradeshow, or pop-up shop, your container will likely be flexible enough to align with your needs. The easily customizable nature of storage container rentals also makes it ideal to create attractive and creative spaces that can change according to the need of your brand.

Shipping Containers are Hardy

Shipping container rentals are built to withstand hardships of all types. Not only can they withstand heavy temperatures, but shipping containers are also water-resistant. If you’re planning to have an outdoor event in the cold or during the summer in Toronto, for example, your rental will have you covered.

The metal roof of a shipping container is built to withstand jostling and getting pushed around; remember, your container was built as a transportation device! The benefit of this is that your container will be weather-friendly and durable, allowing you to plan the perfect event for your brand.

Your rental will also withstand rain and wind, with no concern for the unit tipping over or winding up. Unlike tents, your container will stand firm on the ground without any disturbance to the experience you’re trying to create.

Shipping Containers as Kiosks or Pop-Ups

Another great use for your container is to convert it into a pop-up kiosk! A growing trend in the experiential marketing space is to utilize your rental as a mini-retail or foodservice outlet. Containers are ideally sized to create unique shopping or retail experiences, as there is usually enough space for a register, counter, and display or seating area. Reach out to your provider to learn about the modifications they offer, and if those will come in handy to customize your container for the perfect kiosk or pop-up experience.

Shipping Containers are Mobile

Another advantage of your rental is that it is mobile and easy to transport. Most units come with hydraulic doors and built-in systems that make for easy and quick loading and unloading of items. They also do not require a whole team to operate, thus saving you manpower when you’re organizing your event.

Shipping Containers are Ideal for Branding

An essential element of every unique marketing event is how it can attract the attention of clients. You’ll be able to fit out your rental how you like, and this includes branding. A fully branded exterior attracts passersby on the street and creates intrigue. This will generate buzz and brand awareness. The interior of your rental can also be used creatively, and be completely branded for a cohesive look and feel. The best part about creating a branded experience with your rental is that people will be able to walk into the unit and experience it. It will be a fully immersive experience and much more memorable than a simple kiosk or tent.

Running an experiential marketing event? Contact Sigma Container

Are you interested in using your rental for an experiential marketing event? Reach out to our team at Sigma Container at any time for information on sizes, modifications, and more. Our team has years of experience modifying containers to suit our customer’s needs. The benefit of shipping containers is that they are versatile, flexible, and easy to use, thus making them the ideal prop for any marketing event.

To learn more about storage container rentals in Ontario, call Sigma Container Corporation at 1-877-225-7762 or contact us here.

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