Why Shipping Container Restaurants Are the Next Big Thing
Mar 2023

Why Shipping Container Restaurants Are the Next Big Thing

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Shipping container restaurants are novel, convenient and attractive to many customers and consumers. They can come in the form of food trucks, pop-up stores and even fixed locations. Shipping container restaurants have been quickly gaining popularity, especially for new business owners embarking on investment opportunities or chefs and entrepreneurs flexing their creativity and talents. 

A container restaurant is an affordable way for newcomers to break into the food and restaurant industry and showcase their talents to many people at once. Shipping container restaurants have many advantages, which we will discuss thoroughly in this article. 

Keep reading to learn more about why shipping containers for sale in Toronto are becoming the newest restaurant trend and the next best thing.

They Are Cost-Effective

When looking to open a business, the cost is always a running theme in the back of any business owner’s mind. Ideally, opening up a storefront should be a good investment that you can see greatly paying off in the long run. By converting a shipping container to a restaurant, you save money on traditional commercial property and the high fees associated with real estate.

While there may still be fees and rent costs depending on where you set up your shipping container restaurant, it won’t be as pricey as traditional brick and mortar stores. Since you are saving money in this department, you can funnel more funds into important areas of the business, such as high-quality food supplies, restaurant décor, furniture, employee wages and more. 

Using a shipping container for your restaurant means more money in your pocket at the end of the day.

They Are Mobile and Convenient

You might know of a few popular food trucks that can satisfy customers’ needs easily and conveniently. Or, you may even think of ice cream trucks, which drive around parks and family-friendly areas where kids and teenagers are easily found. 

Mobile stores and restaurants are incredibly convenient and owners generally have more flexibility when it comes to location. Unlike fixed store properties, they don’t have to be confined to one location. With a mobile shipping container, you have the ability to transport your goods and inventory from one location to another to suit the needs of the business whenever you see fit.

The freedom that comes from mobility with a shipping container restaurant is truly priceless. 

They Are Customizable and Unique

Luckily for business owners and new entrepreneurs, shipping container storefronts are not only more affordable, but they are also more customizable and unique than traditional restaurants. Dining in one of these shipping container restaurants is an experience all on its own that the customer will surely appreciate. 

Even better, these shipping container units can be customised to your exact liking, which means that you can choose everything from top to bottom, including flooring, entrances/exits, windows, furnishings and more. Since we all know that restaurant décor and ambiance are just as important as the food, this is a very advantageous aspect. 

Shipping containers afford a new look that is easily distinguishable from any traditional restaurant and will be sure to attract those looking for a new, fresh experience.

They Are Weather-Proof, Pest-Proof and Durable

Another important thing to remember about shipping containers is that they are extremely durable and can last approximately 25 years- and even longer with proper maintenance. The fact that they are sealed tight means that snow, rain and harsh weather conditions will not affect your restaurant. 

It also means that pests and rodents cannot get into your restaurant easily. This is especially beneficial to the atmosphere and general cleanliness of your restaurant. You won’t have to worry about potential of pest infestations affecting your business. 

Ultimately, you can rest assured that your shipping container restaurant is just as sturdy as any other restaurant and will last you many years without leaks, damage or pest problems.

Shipping Containers Can Be Eco-Friendly

Shipping container restaurants are quickly becoming popular with the younger generation partly because of how eco-friendly containers can be. They can be equipped with solar panels, recyclable materials and eco-friendly measures. 

Shipping containers are also eco-friendly because they can be reused, recycled and repurposed by users. For example, one shipping container can essentially serve multiple purposes throughout its lifespan. Some of the most common uses for shipping containers include homes, stores, and their typical use for transporting goods from one location to another. 

Reusing shipping containers lessens our environmental footprint and saves us space, energy and resources in the long run. 

Easy Conversion and Installation

As previously mentioned, one of the main benefits of shipping container restaurants is their mobility and ability to be easily transported from one location to another. Shipping containers can easily be repurposed and converted for another use. 

They can also easily be installed or mounted onto existing concrete or foundations. This means they are quick and easy to assemble and uninstall should you need to move your container to another location. 

This is extremely convenient if you are planning a move or unsure if you would like to switch locations in the near future.

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