Why Decals Are Necessary on Your Shipping Containers
Oct 2020

Why Decals Are Necessary on Your Shipping Containers

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Whether you plan on using your shipping container for storage or as a modified unit for a shop, restaurant, bar, salon, or other business venture, you can take advantage of its portability, durability, and large weatherproof walls to make your brand more visible by installing decals.

Your shipping container can add more value to your business besides providing storage. Through various container decal options such as dye cuts, digital print, and full vinyl, you can enhance your brand recognition and boost customer loyalty. You only need to ensure that your message across all advertising platforms is uniform, with your logo, mission statement, and other kinds of company identifying marks that your audience can recognize as your brand.

If your business is already leveraging the versatility of shipping containers to provide storage or serve another purpose, you should also consider installing decals to the exterior for the following reasons:

Invaluable Real Estate

The increasing popularity of shipping containers for other purposes besides cargo transport and storage has led them to become incredible conversation starters. Currently, containers can be modified for kiosks, pop-up stores, bars, restaurants, boutiques, and many other businesses. Whatever your application, you can choose to install decals on the wide and blank exterior walls of your shipping container with your company logo and brand colours, making it the centre of attraction in and around your location. This will, in turn, draw some positive attention to your business and brand.

Green and Forward Thinking

Using repurposed containers for storage or as your business premises is environmentally friendly. Using decals to attract attention to your business will allow you to stand out from your competitors, positioning your brand as green and forward-thinking. So, besides using decals on your container to create a larger market, you get the added benefit of appealing to customers who would rather support a green company.

Function and Style

Modified containers come in a wide range of sizes. So, if your company’s business or marketing strategy revolves around attending product demonstrations, trade shows, and other networking events, then getting a portable branded container can give you the perfect combination of practicality and style. In terms of practicality, the container’s portability will allow you to move with all your promotional materials and samples to deliver an outstanding product/service display every time. The right branding will help your company stand out from the crowd, creating an unforgettable consumer experience. This is particularly useful if you’re planning to target customers in a new geographical market. It is a cost-effective way to set up your fully equipped and secure mobile container in a prime location for maximum visibility.

Long-lasting and Waterproof

Part of the appeal of shipping containers for a business is that they don’t require any maintenance. These metal boxes are airtight and waterproof and will remain standing in most kinds of extreme weather, usually without any noticeable damage. So, you might hesitate about adding anything to your container’s exterior. Fortunately, decal installation uses high-quality paints designed to protect the container’s exterior finish against the elements and any rust that may form. The decal also includes a layer of 3M laminated plastic for UV protection, giving you a long-lasting, weatherproof result to maximize your return on advertising dollars.

Long-term Branding

You can create virtually any decal design that you want to outfit your specific shipping container needs, with high adhesion, longevity, and colour retention (non-fading). This means that your shipping container logos, ISO stickers, or other branding messages will last for many years. Since the decals are meant to be long-lasting, your branded containers can be considered an investment in your company’s long-term marketing plan. As your company grows into new locations, or when changing your location, you can easily move with your container anywhere in the world.

Customized Branding

There are different ways to install decals on your container, including PVC vinyl or banner mesh, painting, and vinyl stickers, all of which can be provided in custom sizing and varied pricing. So, you can choose the ideal option depending on the decal’s purpose, your intended audience, and the pricing.

  • Painting. There are different Colorbond paints colours that can be used as a base coat on your container. For more creative paintwork, you can hire a designer or artistic painter to give your container a contemporary look with your logo or promotional message.
  • Vinyl stickers. They are versatile, easily installed and removed, and ideal for small-scale designs where large-format promotion is not necessary. The colour of the high-quality vinyl stickers used in your decal installation can be matched to your PANTONE-specific company colours to create a uniform look across your marketing media. Moreover, the high-quality adhesive used can withstand severe weather conditions, so you won’t need to redo it after every harsh Canadian winter.
  • PVC vinyl. If you plan on covering the entire sides and doors of your container with your advertising message, then PVC vinyl or banner mesh can provide an effective and efficient way to maximize exposure. This is a popular large-format container advertising approach. PVC vinyl can be fixed in different ways, including:
    • Welded and eyeleted edges. This option is commonly used by container owners who want to install the decals on their own. You only need to thread some ropes through the vinyl to attach the decals to the container wherever you want.
    • Rope track, sail track, or keder track. This approach provides a cleaner finish. The edges feature a rod welding inserted into an aluminum track during installation to produce a magnificent metal edging. The aluminum finish is particularly suitable for high wind areas.

Final Note

The ability to promote your brand in new and unusual places, establish an eye-catching setup by stacking containers for greater visibility from a large distance, or to configure the units in a variety of ways, makes shipping containers the ultimate branding media, especially with decals that communicate your message clearly and instantly.

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