How Construction Companies Can Use Shipping Containers for Storage
Jun 2020

How Construction Companies Can Use Shipping Containers for Storage

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Construction sites are busy work environments that require a well-organized plan for material, tool movement and storage, as well as scheduled tasks to ensure that the project is completed within the set time and budget.

Depending on the scale of the project, you need to provide safe storage for your tools, equipment, and job materials. Bathroom facilities for your workers, a first-aid treatment area to address any injuries, an office to work on your paperwork, and more should be taken into consideration.

These structures need to be temporary since they will be removed eventually and have the space used for landscaping. This makes renting a shipping container the best option for portable or temporary structures on your site.

Some reasons to use shipping containers in your construction project include:

  • Affordability — low rental fee compared to constructing rooms using other materials
  • Easy to set up — converted containers are usually ready-to-use on arrival
  • Modifiable — the container can be tailored for your construction site and uses
  • Portability — containers can be easily transported to your site or moved around the site
  • Strong — they can be stacked to save on ground space
  • Durability — shipping containers are made from a hard, non-corrosive steel material that is weatherproof and longlasting with virtually no maintenance
  • Security — with their strong metal construction and secure locking system, shipping containers can keep thieves and extreme weather away from your valuable construction tools and equipment.

There are different sizes of shipping containers, which can be converted according to the needs of your construction site, including:

1. Construction site storage

Structurally sound, secure, and weatherproof containers can be used to store different items at the construction site, such as:

  • Tools and equipment

    Construction projects use a lot of money without even factoring in the cost of purchasing new tools. Even if the construction site is in a remote area, you still need to ensure that your tools are kept safe after hours.

    Well-locked shipping containers are very difficult to break into and can be fitted with shelving, lighting, and other accessories for safe and convenient storage of tools, equipment, and job supplies.

  • Construction materials

    Every construction site also needs a safe and secure place to store materials and supplies such as doors, windows, steel bars, glasses, cement, paint, and other sensitive supplies.

    Shipping containers with a rollup door can allow for easy and quick access for large pallets. If you’re working with temperature-sensitive items, then a unit with climate control systems can be rented.

  • Fluids and lubricants

    Oils and fuels are an environmental hazard, which means that any leaks or spills risk damaging the surrounding area and wildlife, sometimes with long-term devastating consequences. To prevent this, you should provide good fuel or oil storage at your site in compliance with the oil storage regulations.

    The right shipping container can be converted to a COSHH store with built-in taps, venting systems, removable floors, and drip trays for safe and secure fuel storage.

2. On-site workshop

Some construction sites require a sheltered area where they can carry out various machinery functions on-site, such as steel-bar cutting, welding, and other fabrication processes. The finished items, as well as the tools and equipment, can be stored in a secure container. Some of the tasks can also be performed inside a well-lit and ventilated shipping container.

In such cases, a custom shipping container can be rented with a climate-controlled workspace and storage area within the same unit to maximize space. The spaces can be equal or appropriately distributed in favour of the function that needs more space, and fitted with cargo doors, lights, electrical outlets, and a door between the workspace and storage area if needed.

3. On-site office

Every construction site requires a neat and well-organized workspace to serve as the project manager’s office and conference room for reviewing plans. This office space needs to be well-ventilated and furnished with desks, chairs, and cabinets to accommodate any office staff on-site. This includes the project manager, logistics manager, architect, contractors, procurement or store manager, and other essential personnel to manage the construction project more efficiently. Barred windows can also be added for extra security.

4. Climate-controlled breakrooms

Your workers need well-ventilated break rooms to relax and enjoy their meals during breaks to keep morale high. A shipping container breakroom can be fitted with a small kitchen area, sitting area for relaxation, lockers to store their personal items, and bathrooms. It should have air conditioning and electrical outlets for phone charging and adding essential appliances like a coffee machine, refrigerator, and microwave, or it could even serve as a complete canteen.

5. On-site hoardings or gantry

The strong steel structure of shipping containers makes them ideal for providing secure, covered walkways for pedestrians and workers passing through and around dangerous areas of the construction site to protect them from falling objects and materials.

6. First-aid facility

With construction workers handling heavy materials, operating dangerous tools and equipment, working at elevated areas or under flying objects, and exposed to sharp objects, they are always at risk of injuries that range from slips and falls to scrapes and cuts.

Custom-made shipping containers that serve as medical facilities for construction sites can come with prefabricated medical amenities, including HVAC, an examination bed, hot and cold water systems, and other important emergency medical supplies.

7. On-site toilets

While some construction sites prefer to use “portaloos” or chemical toilets, they tend to get messy and smelly due to frequent use. Instead, construction sites could rent a converted shipping container that’s fitted with modern toilet facilities for optimal hygiene.

Shipping Container Rental in Toronto

Shipping containers rentals for use in construction sites are customized to give you peace of mind for any task in the harsh environment. They can be placed side by side or stacked on top of each other to meet your space and design needs. They can also be moved around for phased projects for work efficiency and convenience.

Whether you want a standard shipping container rental or a personalized unit for your construction site, they’re fantastic for many uses in construction.

To learn more about how construction companies can use shipping containers, call Sigma Containers at 416-366-7762 or contact us here.

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