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Shipping Containers: The Versatile and Portable Future of Swimming Pools
Jul 2020

Shipping Containers: The Versatile and Portable Future of Swimming Pools

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Shipping containers have long been hailed as some of the most reliable and secure transport and on-site storage solutions. But today, the possibilities for their applications are truly endless — and even as modular structures, they’re no longer limited to offices, stores, and even homes. The latest in shipping container modifications in Ontario is delightfully surprising homeowners everywhere in desperate need of a getaway: swimming pools.

That’s right — shipping containers are the future of swimming pools. Their tough steel exterior, large size, and versatile construction have made shipping containers a viable alternative to traditional in-ground swimming pools. Think of them as a modern, lightweight repurposing of these steel containers, and with their unmatched portability, you can enjoy pool season wherever you are.

Are you dreaming of cooling down and splashing in the water under the Ontario summer sun? Cool-down and lounge around, or get your strokes in for a refreshing exercise. Discover the latest trend in pool season: modified shipping containers.

A Modern Take on Pool Season

Shipping container modifications in Ontario have come a long way from merely being used for storage and cargo transport. As on-site installations and modular structures, they’ve proven to be tough, damage-resistant, and highly adaptable to an ever-increasing number of applications. As backyard swimming pools, modified shipping containers are once again pushing the boundaries of modern home improvements at sustainable prices.

Compared to in-ground swimming pools, shipping container modifications are much more modern and modest. At much more affordable costs — and with the added perk of repurposing these old containers — modified shipping containers are pushing the bounds of everyone’s imagination to bring the poolside experience home. Forget massive digging, and enjoy the one feature that traditional pools will never have: portability or resale, so you can transport pool season with you, or share it with others in their space.

Generous Sizing

We may not be talking Olympic-sized pools here — and rarely ever are for residential pools — but shipping container modifications are quite sizable too.

At 8 x 20 or 8 x 40 feet, these new swimming pools still provide ample room for practicing some laps or splashing around. And if you’re in a jam, these containers can even be cut down further to 12 feet, so they can easily fit in compact backyards and even in indoor structures.

A key consideration is modular flexibility: custom-sizing options in one-foot increments are also available to accommodate your home’s specific architectural requirements.

Pool Interiors

Even from in-ground models, we know that swimming pools are not just basins filled with water — after digging down to a sizable depth, contractors use cement and tiles to construct a solid structure. Swimming pools built using shipping container modifications go through a construction process that’s just as rigorous.

The interior of shipping container pools is constructed by welding another layer of steel inside the corrugated walls. This reinforces the structure’s weight, and, more importantly, creates a watertight seal. Then, the real pool experience comes in: shipping container pools are lined with a fibreglass shell and multiple layers of insulation.

To prevent the spider cracks that are common among fibreglass structures, these pools are lined with durable vinyl or acrylic; the result is increased durability, thanks to a thicker lining than standard pool liners.

Installation and Setup

Shipping container modifications are flexible and modular in nature — as modern swimming pools, they’re no exception. Shipping container pools are typically lowered in place using a crane, with ample space to accommodate their entire length. These pools are often assembled on-site to save time and preserve the condition of the shipping container and the parts during transport and installation.

It’s common to think of swimming and lounging poolside as an outdoor activity in Ontario, but shipping containers aren’t limited to that. These safe and highly versatile pools can be installed indoors or with a retractable cover so you can enjoy pool season year-round, with enough space to get your laps in and splash around to feel refreshed on a warm day. For the complete pool experience, these modified shipping containers also come with insulation layers so you can swim in comfortably cool waters no matter the season.

Retractable Cover and Temperature Control

Pool season means splashing in cool waters under the warm summer sun or getting sauna-like warmth and the feel of outdoor exercising during the colder months. Shipping container pools allow you to do exactly that, no matter where they’re installed in your home.

With the right shipping container modifications, these pools can retain heat, conserve water better, and keep debris away from the pool area. The result is clean, perfect pool weather, no matter the season.

That’s because shipping container pools are designed with the utmost versatility, comfort, and investment protection in mind. Equipped with a retractable automatic or manual cover, shipping container pools secure the pool area from debris and unwanted access and help retain heat and water level for hassle-free and comfortable use every time.

Thanks to their lightweight construction and modular design, these components, along with the standard pool parts, are guaranteed to fit through standard doorways and stairs. This allows homeowners to install shipping container pools virtually anywhere.

The Swimming and Poolside Lounging Experience

Shipping container pools provide the complete pool experience in more ways than one. If you opt for one with a current generator, you can get the right amount of waves to swim in place, propel kicks or lounge in a relaxing float, and adjust these levels as desired. For professional and aspiring swimmers, this also means practicing stroke refinement in shorter distances, and up-close coaching for improvement.

Quality Time and Fitness

Shipping containers are loved for the versatile at-home experience they provide homeowners all year long. Their compact size, sturdy build, and portability make them a good option for year-round swimming and even aquatic exercises, like water running and physical therapy. For families with little kids, they’re the perfect addition to the garden.

These shipping container modifications feature custom depth options. This is great so that kids learning how to swim can feel safe in the water using the perimeter benches as a perch. Shipping container pools can be customized to support varying depths in a single pool.

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