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Benefits of Renting a Container for any Business Solution
Mar 2024

Benefits of Renting a Container for any Business Solution

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Why Renting Is a Perfect Option for Numerous Businesses

Renting a container can provide an ideal solution to clients who are looking for excess inventory space or are unsure if purchasing a unit is the best option. This blog will discuss the pros and cons of why renting a container offers more flexibility to specific businesses versus purchasing.

This blog will breakdown why renting a container is a fantastic option. This will point out the reasons why renting a container can be beneficial for clients. Providing a cheaper option than purchasing a container out right, which can help businesses same money.



Here at Sigma Container, we pride ourselves in providing rentals at an affordable price as well as have multiple different unit sizes to chose from.

Having a rental container provides customers with different flexibility options including month to month payment options which allows financial stability for most business. Our two main rental unit sizes are as follows:

20’ standard in the condition of cargo worthy, meaning these units are wind and water tights. There are no holes, no leaks as well as working doors and working door seals. These Units are ideal for clients who need additional storage space or who would like to see how practical a container is before buying it outright.

40’ Rental units come in two size options: 40’ standard (STD) and 40’ High Cube (HC).  The difference between these two units is the 40’ standard height is 8 ½ ft while the 40’ HC is 9’ ½ ft. Having these two flexible options provide our clients with choosing an option that best suits their storage needs.


Short Term Storage Solutions

While purchasing a container may be seen as a permanent storage solution, having a rental container is an option that can be seen as temporary. With the ability to rent on a monthly basis it will our clients to have the flexibility to chose how long they rent for. Our terms of rental are extremely affordable and allow our clients flexible terms.

If you chose to rent from us, we will offer you terms that are straightforward to follow.

  • Pay security deposit as well as first and last’s months rent on the container.
  • Pay a standard monthly rate via credit card.
  • Once you no longer need the container, we will pick up the unit from you.
  • If you have any questions in regards to the container or monthly payments. Fell free to call us at 416-366-7762


Purchasing Containers.


Here at Sigma Containers, we pride ourselves in giving our clients the ability to chose between either renting or purchasing.

Purchasing is a great option for clients who know they need a container for a long time. Similar to rentals we carry 20’ STD, 40’ STD and 40’ HC containers. Our customers have the preference to chose from either new or used.

Most customer prefer the used option because it is simply more affordable. While Used Units have been on the market for 10-12 years, they still provide a great option. All our used containers are considered cargo worthy, which means WWT. Which stands for wind and watertight, solid wood floors, working doors and door seals. Cargo worthy containers are one of the best options for used containers on the market. Here at Sigma, we pride ourselves in selling the best quality to our customers.


Industries that Primarily Use Containers.

As stated previously almost all individuals can purchase a container if they need additional space. Typically, most industry that needs containers are manufacturing, agriculture, construction and many more.

The market of Containers continues grow within Ontario, new customers keep on emerging, and the market is rapidly increasing. Thereby, allowing for new customers that are interested in purchasing and renting.



Sea cans also known as shipping containers are ideal for various businesses. The option of renting a unit provides customer with financial flexibility and thereby provided them with less of worry about owning the container.

Here at Sigma Rental Containers are one of our main focuses. All our clients are 100% satisfied with our rental units. As the warmer month approach, and if you are interested in have a rental unit, please feel free to contact us at or visit our website


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