Construction Companies: How a Container Is Perfect for Any Construction Business.
Apr 2024

Construction Companies: How a Container Is Perfect for Any Construction Business.

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Construction Industry Intro:

Containers have becoming increasingly popular over that last 10 years. Certain industries have been using containers more than others, this is the case with construction companies. At Sigma Containers we have serviced hundreds of construction companies. Helping them find various solutions to onsite issues by using container as a viable solution.

Within the Construction industry using a container can be very important. Containers can be used to store equipment, machinery, products and even be used as onsite offices.

Throughout this blog, there will be a clear and conscience explanation to how containers can be useful for any construction site. Why they are used by thousands of companies worldwide and why they can be the most important aspect of your jobsite.

How to choose the Right Container size

Picking the right container is often a difficult task for individuals and even more so for businesses. Here at Sigma container, we provide all our customers will industry leading expertise. We do that by helping our customers determine what the container will be used for, then applying a recommendation.

Depending on the space and local constraints that may also factor in, regards to determining which size is best. Typically, most big more industrial customer will often prefer a 40’ container simply because the space is easily available. Where as often resident clients or clients with the GTA will prefer 20’ containers because they are easier to move around.

Rentals can be used by any business, if the business needs additional storage space using a container is a great way to solve that issue. Container can be used to storage almost anything making them an ideal option for numerous businesses.

Rental vs Purchase

Now you do you figure out if renting a container is the best option? First off, financials play a huge part, as well if you know you only need additional storage space for a limited time renting is your best option.

Rentals are the best if you are within the GTA. Thereby, delivery times are fast, and prices are relatively affordable. Rental units provide great options for clients who are looking for a short-term storage solution. Here at Sigma Container, we carry both 20’ and 40’ as well as another unit you may possibly need, we can provide.

Rentals are a great option for clients who need additional short term storage options. Containers are easy to move around, as well many materials and object can be placed in a container hassle free.

If you have questions or interests in regard to renting a unit. Please feel free to visit our website of give us a call at 416-366-7762.

Container offices/ onsite mobile options.

Here at Sigma Container, we have the capacity to do basic modification as well as large scale major mods.

Containers can be versatile, and a cheaper option compared to building mobile offices and other options. Containers are secure and safe and provide high levels or security compared to conventional options.

Mobile offices can be simple and complex, here at sigma we cater to all our clients. If you have any questions about doing basic modifications, please give us a call at 416-366-7762.

We can service all clients within the GTA with on site modifications services, which are beneficial to construction companies and companies within the developing market.

Any modifications you require we can get done! If you have a project in mind please let us know and we would be happy to give you a free quotation. Please visit or give us at call at 416-366-7762


If you are interested in renting or buying a container from us here at Sigma Container, please reach out! We have decades of experiences in the container industry, we are happy to explain any needs or concerns our potential customers may have.

Construction industry have the most usage for our units, as their sites have limited on site storage areas there is always a need for additional storage. Here at Sigma, we are happy to service any construction sites, if you are interested in Containers. Please visit our website or email us at

Containers are the best option on the market for additional storage, practically any industry can benefit from Containers. While renting or buying they are simply the best of long-term dry storage!