Shipping Containers: The #1 Solution to More Business Inventory Space
Aug 2023

Shipping Containers: The #1 Solution to More Business Inventory Space

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Are you looking to find more inventory space for your business? If you run your business out of your home, your inventory may likely be crammed in every closet and corner you have. If you run your business out of an office, you probably have inventory piled up on the floor and tables, making it challenging to move around.

The good news is that there’s a solution to this problem: renting a shipping container! In this article, we’ll explain how shipping containers for rent can help you with your business inventory needs. To learn more, keep reading ahead.

What is a shipping container?

The first thing you need to know before deciding if a shipping container is a good choice for storing your business inventory is to know exactly what such a unit is.

A shipping container is a large reusable container. It is usually made from a special kind of steel called corten steel, which is rust-resistant, meant to withstand bad weather and be highly secure. This is why they are such great choices for storing business inventory.

They come in several different sizes, so you can select the size you need according to your storage needs. You can also choose to rent a new or used storage shipping container.

Shipping containers are completely empty inside. So, they offer flexibility when using them to store business inventory. If you have large items to store, you can simply place them in the shipping container. If you have smaller items, you can place portable shelving units inside your container.

What are the benefits of using a shipping container to store my business inventory?

There are several advantages to using a shipping container to store your business inventory.

They are much more convenient to access than traditional storage facilities. Instead of driving to an offsite storage facility, you can simply walk to your conveniently placed shipping container. You don’t have to worry about lineups to get into a storage facility or their business hours; your rented shipping container is always available.

Shipping containers offer flexibility. If you need to store some large items, such as furniture, these units are large enough to handle them. It’s much easier to maneuver a large item into a shipping container than a storage locker. If you prefer to store a bunch of smaller items, you also have that option with a shipping container.

Finally, you know that your belongings are safe in a shipping container. No one else can access them except you. They are protected against all kinds of bad weather and pests, and are also extremely difficult to break into.

4 Tips for Making the Most of Your Unit to Store Business Inventory

These are our top four tips for making the most of your rented shipping container:

  1. Get the right size of shipping container for your needs: The two most common types of shipping containers are the 20-foot and 40-foot units.

  2. Determine if you want to rent a new or used shipping container: Both types of containers will provide strong protection for your business inventory, but a new one will be more visually pleasing.

  3. Plan how you will store items in your shipping container: Make an inventory of all the things you want to store, and plan to put items that aren’t frequently used towards the back of the shipping container.

  4. Take the time to pack your unit correctly: Heavier items should always go on the bottom, with lighter items stacked on top. Larger things should go in first, as smaller items can then be organized around them.

Why should I rent a shipping container from Sigma Container Corporation to store my business inventory?

At Sigma Container Corporation, we have extensive experience in the shipping container industry. We work with both new and used shipping containers and offer shipping containers for sale and rent. We even provide a rent-to-own option if you decide you want to keep your shipping container after having it for a while.

When you work with Sigma Container Corporation, you’re:

  • Working with a company that prides itself on high-quality customer service.

  • Getting a competitive price whether you rent or buy from us.

  • Receiving end-to-end service. We’ll be with you every step—from determining the right container size for your needs to delivering it to your specific location.

  • Renting or buying a top-notch shipping container. Our wind- and water-tight containers ensure your business inventory remains well protected.

Get Affordable and Convenient Access to Your Business Inventory with a Rental Shipping Container

You don’t have to put up with having every inch of your home or office filled up with business inventory. Instead, you can rent a shipping container to store your excess inventory. By renting a shipping container instead of using offsite storage, you’re arranging to have affordable and easy access to your business inventory.

At Sigma Container Corporation, we can help you find the best option to suit your shipping container rental needs. You can rest easy knowing your inventory is safely stored in our high-security location.

Don’t settle for offsite storage that may not suit your needs; rent a shipping container instead!

Contact Us to Learn More

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