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How to Use a Shipping Container as a Pool House
Sep 2020

How to Use a Shipping Container as a Pool House

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Shipping containers are utilitarian structures, but thanks to the creative designs of architects looking to provide green, affordable buildings, these hard-wearing and highly adaptable structures can now be repurposed into all kinds of housing projects, including bright, airy, and spacious pool houses that complement your poolscape.

Below is one of Sigma Container’s modifications for an affordable and contemporary pool house. With modern technology, design can be tailored to suit your specifications and budget, and delivered within a very short timeframe. Container pool houses can provide you with all the benefits of a conventional pool house, as well as unlimited customization options.

How to use a shipping container as a pool houseHow to use a shipping container as a pool houseHow to use a shipping container as a pool house

This particular container pool house is equipped with electrical, heating, cooling, and WiFi, meaning that the owners can also use it as a guest house.

Solid Construction

ISO shipping containers are typically made from steel. These steel-walled boxes are made to last. They’re strong, robust, and capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions. Though they’re mass-produced, they have a strictly controlled production process that adheres to the shipping industry’s stringent standards and specifications. Moreover, they’re produced in several sizes for greater design flexibility.

An ISO container is of unquestionable quality when crossing the sea. It can be used to transport cargo for about 15 years while maintaining its integrity before being sold off as a used container. However, the containers we use are brand new, with no dents, rust, or contamination from critters or chemicals. We use the two standard ISO container sizes, 8 x 20 feet and 8 x 40 feet, which can be modified to fit your space requirements.

Off-site Customization

Customizing your shipping container pool house happens off-site, so there’s no messy construction work at your property or workers intruding your pool time. This also eliminates the stress and worry that a buyer may encounter when handling their pool house construction. The modifications’ duration depends on the complexity of your specific design.

The actual shipping container modifications occur off-site, but it’s still important to prepare the foundation where your pool house will be placed on your property. Although it’s a long-term structure, you don’t need to prepare a conventional foundation. However, you must provide a solid base made from either a concrete slab or wooden blocks. Permits may also be necessary because the pool house will need to be connected to electricity, water, gas, and sewerage systems by local contractors.

Safe and Secure

At sea, shipping containers have to withstand high waves reaching 50 feet high and strong winds of up to 100 mph. They’re airtight and impenetrable. Considering the severity of these conditions, it should be able to endure most storms that your home can stand through. While some of the steel is removed during fabrication to create openings for windows, doors, and skylights, the designers use new and innovative technologies and techniques. This ensures that the glass doors and materials will maintain the optimal integrity and durability of the overall structure, and be as secure as any home. Some of the customizations will depend on the climate conditions in your area.

In addition, your modified container pool house should be able to withstand most storms and winds of up to 100 mph when not bolted. However, fastening it to the foundation will enhance its safety and security to withstand winds of up to 175 mph. You only need some ground plates with twist-locks to secure your container pool house to the foundation. If you have the containers stacked on top of each other, twist-locks can also help to secure them. Or, use bridge-fittings to clamp together side-by-side units to prevent toppling. For greater security, you can also install an alarm system.

Practical Configurations

From the two standard container sizes (8 x 20 feet and 8 x 40 feet), we can create several configurations of shipping container pool houses at different costs. The smallest unit typically measures 160 square feet. A standard pool house can be equipped with foam insulation, vinyl siding, finished/painted interior walls, glass doors and windows, heating, air conditioning, electricity, WiFi and hot water.

The modifications include electrical wiring and interior plumbing. However, the buyer is expected to make arrangements for electrical and plumbing work on-site, involving hiring contractors and securing the necessary permits.

Versatile Design

Your customized pool house can be designed according to your preferences, which range from the integration of comfy bedrooms, so it also functions as a guest house, to joining multiple container units that are stacked on top of each other or placed side by side to suit your style and needs. Some buyers may also want their pool house in a particular style, like Colonial, Contemporary, or Cape, or request changes in the flooring, siding, choice of appliances, or additional windows and shutters. Some of these custom changes usually have extra costs.

When the construction work is complete, the finished container pool house will be delivered to you, fully fitted with all the functional and luxury features of your choice.

The final result is a magnificent steel box pool house that’s not only functional for swimmers but also adds beauty and style to your pool environment. The space can be used as an outside bar, artist studio, guest house, office, vacation cabin, or game room. Also, with insulation, electrical, heating, cooling, and WiFi connections, you have a cozy and practical pool-side space that’s available year-round.

Final Note

A container pool house has many benefits that make it a highly attractive option, from the incredible design flexibility to the rapid assembly. For more information on shipping container modifications in Ontario, contact Sigma Container.

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