4 Things You Should Not Store in a Shipping Container
Nov 2023

4 Things You Should Not Store in a Shipping Container

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Once you have gotten your hands on a shipping container for rent (or purchased one for a more permanent storage solution), one of the first things you should figure out is what can and cannot be stored inside of it.

After all, while a shipping container storage unit can be the ideal place to keep things you do not need at your home or business, certain things should be kept from this unit.

While some things that you should never store in a shipping container storage unit may be pretty obvious, like pets or illegal substances, others may shock you. So, it is essential to establish a solid understanding of these dos and don’ts ahead of time.

Being well-informed about these matters early on will save you from having to deal with headaches. After all, there are good reasons why the things that should not be stored in a shipping container storage unit fall into that category, and it is better if you do not have to experience those reasons firsthand.

What are the main things you cannot store in a shipping container?

While a shipping container storage unit works great for storing everything from furniture to collectibles to home appliances to vehicles, there are better places to keep certain things.

There are things you should never store in your shipping container storage unit that will create problems for you in one way or another if you do not heed these warnings.

The following are some of the main things that you should never store in a shipping container storage unit:

  1. Food and Perishables

    At the top of the list of things you should not store in a container storage unit are food and other perishable items. First, perishable food items are likely to quickly spoil and rot if you keep them in a storage unit like this, turning your entire unit into a fly-infested mess that smells like garbage.

    In addition, once they begin to rot, these foods could also pose a significant health threat.

    If you store perishable food items in your shipping container storage unit, you will soon attract mould and mildew, and fungi will grow and spread to the other items stored in your unit.

    Soon, all your belongings, regardless of whether they are perishable or not, will need to be thrown away. On top of that, the smell of rotting food will likely attract pests like rodents, and these unwelcome guests will turn your storage unit into their haven.

  2. Hazardous Materials

    Another category of things you should never store in your shipping container storage unit is hazardous materials, such as asbestos, biological waste, or acids, as doing so could be incredibly dangerous.

    Although it may seem evident that you shouldn’t store hazardous materials in such a manner, some materials are not as obviously dangerous as others.

    So, it is essential to foster a better understanding of everything that falls into this category. For instance, there are even certain fertilizers or cleaning chemicals that could be hazardous when improperly stored.

    There are also times when you may have boxes of things stored together, and only one or two of those things may be hazardous, such as mineral spirits or paint thinner that is stored amongst other art supplies. For this reason, it is always necessary to know precisely what is in your boxes or bins before you store them away.

    If you have nowhere to store certain hazardous materials, call a local waste management agency to learn how to dispose of them properly.

  3. Flammable and Explosive Materials

    Another major no-no is storing anything considered highly flammable or explosive in your shipping container storage unit.

    If you were to keep things like gasoline, propane, kerosene, oil, or fireworks in your storage unit, the possibility of combustion or the ignition of a fire could pose significant risks to your safety and that of anyone else living near the area where your shipping container is stored.

    If you intend to store lawn equipment in your container storage unit, that is usually okay, but ensure it is drained of its gasoline or oil before doing so.

  4. Liquids

    Another category of things you should avoid storing in your shipping container storage unit is liquids, primarily due to the possibility of leakage.

    If an unexpected leak occurs, you will lose the liquid that you were storing, and there is also a chance your other belongings will be ruined by the wet mess the leak creates. Imagine how awful it would be to enter your shipping container one day to find your valued collectibles sitting in a puddle and collecting mould.

    Although it may seem safe to store things like cases of water in your storage unit, especially if you keep them on the ground, there is no sense in storing bottles like this in such an environment over an extended period.

    After all, stockpiling something like bottled water in an environment like this that can get quite warm could lead to the plastic of the bottles releasing bisphenol A (BPA) in the water, making it undrinkable.

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