Four Important Facts You Need to Know About Shipping Containers
Jul 2023

Four Important Facts You Need to Know About Shipping Containers

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Without shipping containers, global trade would grind to a halt. Shipping containers are useful in helping transport goods from one side of the globe to the other. If you’ve ever ordered something from overseas, chances are it got shipped to you via a shipping container!

In this blog, we’ll cover some interesting facts that you may not know about shipping containers. If you’re looking for a used shipping container in Ontario and want to learn more about them before buying one, continue reading the information below.

Fact #1: There Are Different Kinds of Shipping Containers

If you see a scene in a movie where characters run amongst shipping containers, those are likely 20-foot shipping containers. However, more than just these kinds of shipping containers are in use! These are some of the more unique ones:

  • Tanks: They usually contain liquids.
  • Shipping containers with open tops and sides: These containers are designed to carry oversized items.
  • Insulated containers: These are used to store perishable goods or goods that must remain at a specific temperature.
  • Swap body containers: They are commonly used for rail or road transport and can’t be stacked.

At Sigma Containers, we sell and rent three types of used shipping containers for your Ontario business: 20-foot, 40-foot, and 40-foot high cube. Let us know which size you are looking for and we will help you from there.

Fact #2: Shipping Containers Can Be Repurposed

Companies may use shipping containers far beyond their original purpose of transporting goods. Here are some of the creative ways in which people have used shipping containers:

To Create Homes

Building a home with shipping containers is much less expensive than building a traditional home.

Temporary Stores or Restaurants

Shipping containers frequently are repurposed to create a pop-up shop or temporary restaurant location (such as on the beach during the summer).

Office Space

Shipping containers can be modified to have features such as doors and windows. Hence, they are readily available if you quickly need additional office space.

Emergency Shelters

Shipping containers are durable and weather resistant, making them an excellent choice for an emergency shelter or command centre after a natural disaster.

Fact #3: A Spilled Shipping Container Helped Oceanographers Track Ocean Currents

In 1992, a shipping container fell overboard during a storm while on its way from China to the United States. This shipping container somehow opened up, and its cargo escaped. Yet, instead of sinking to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, the load–rubber ducks–floated, and the cargo started randomly showing up around the world.

People located ducks in Australia, Alaska, Hawaii, and even the Arctic! Oceanographers took advantage of this situation to help learn more about how ocean currents work. In addition, these ducks helped oceanographers understand how marine pollution travels.

Fact #4: Shipping Containers Were Invented in 1956

Before shipping containers were invented, businesses transported goods or cargo in various ways, such as sacks, barrels, and wooden crates. In 1956, however, all of that changed.

An American businessman called Malcolm McLean created the design of shipping containers as we know them now. This design had a massive impact on international shipping, including:

  • Shortening transport time.
  • Getting rid of the need to handle cargo repeatedly.
  • Reduced cargo theft.
  • Making shipping more efficient.

Did you know you can buy used shipping containers?

Another important fact you need to know is that you can buy or rent used shipping containers. At Sigma Container, we sell both new and used shipping containers.

If you’re looking for a way to access additional storage space quickly, then a used shipping container is a great choice. At Sigma Container, we offer used shipping containers for sale or rent. You should know the following about our used shipping containers:

  • They come in three sizes: 20’, 40’ and 40’ high cube.
  • They will have been in use for ten to fifteen years already.
  • All our containers come with a structural guarantee. That means they will be wind and watertight, have solid floors, and have working doors and door seals.
  • Some of our used containers may have been repaired to keep them up to structural code.
  • Our purchased containers come with a 1-year warranty.

Whether you buy or rent your used shipping container, we can give it within one to five business days. We handle the entire delivery process and can even relocate your shipping container later on as necessary.

Are you interested in renting but want to eventually purchase your own used shipping container? We offer rent-to-own options!

Getting started with getting a used shipping container with us is easy! Pick the container you want and let us know where you want it delivered.

Shipping Containers–There’s So Much To Know!

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about shipping containers. Whether it’s being repurposed into a home or falling overboard and helping out oceanographers, shipping containers can do so much more than just store goods while they’re being transported.

If you want to rent or purchase a used shipping container in Ontario, we’re here to help. With over 40 years of experience working with shipping containers, you know you’ll get a quality used container from us. We offer used containers in three different sizes, and they all come with a one-year warranty.

Want to learn more about buying or renting a used shipping container from us? You can call us at 1-855-340-3342 or contact us online. We can also help answer any questions about renting or buying a new shipping container.