What to Know Before Buying a Used Shipping Container
Dec 2022

What to Know Before Buying a Used Shipping Container

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Have you been considering buying a used shipping container? Reusing shipping containers is becoming more popular, with customers using them for everything from extra storage space to a pop-up shop.

Before you buy used shipping containers for sale in Toronto, however, it’s essential to ensure that you’re aware of a few key factors:

  • Know what you want to do with the used shipping container.
  • Determine how long you’ll use the shipping container.
  • Determine what size of container you’ll need and where you’ll want to place it.
  • Ask if you can inspect the container before you buy it.

At Sigma Container Corporation, we have a variety of used shipping containers for sale in Toronto.

Know What You Want to Do With the Used Shipping Container

It’s important to know what you want to do with your used shipping container, as this may impact which company you buy from. If you just want to keep your used shipping container as is (that is, no modifications), then you can buy Toronto used shipping containers for sale from any company.

If you want to use your shipping container for something like a private office space or a pop-up shop, then you’ll need to modify it. The modifications can include things like adding windows, flooring, doors, HVAC, shelving, and more! In this situation, you’ll need to narrow your search down to companies that can modify a used shipping container.

Determine How Long You’ll Use the Shipping Container

Another thing to consider before looking into used shipping containers for sale in Toronto is how long you’ll be using them. If you plan on using the shipping container for less than a year, you may want to consider renting a container instead, as this will be less costly.

There are two things to consider if you choose to rent instead of buying, though:

  • You can’t make any permanent modifications to a shipping container you’re renting.
  • You may be better off in the long run by buying a shipping container, having it modified, and then reselling it when you’re done.

Determine the Size and Location of Your Used Shipping Container

There are two standard lengths for used shipping containers: 20 feet and 40 feet. In addition, used shipping containers can be graded anywhere from practically new (used for only one trip) to as-is (meaning there are significant dents and scratches). The lower the grade of the used container, the less expensive it will be.

You also need to determine where you want to place your container before buying it. You may need a permit from the city depending on where you plan to place the shipping container and how you plan to use it.

Ask to Inspect the Container Before Purchase

Finally, confirming if you can inspect the used shipping container that you’re interested in before you buy it is essential. You should check the following:

  • The exterior. Check the condition of the paint, for general wear and tear, and how the seals around the edges are.
  • The interior. See if the doors work correctly or are damaged, and how well the lock works. You also need to check for rust and mould, and look for holes.

Ask the company you’re dealing with some vital questions, such as how the container has been used and what type of climates it has been exposed to.

Why should I buy a used shipping container from Sigma Container Corporation?

At Sigma Container Corporation, we have one focus, and that’s on shipping containers. So, whether you want to buy a new or used shipping container, or simply rent one, you can rest assured you’re dealing with a company that knows everything there is to know about shipping containers!

We’ll work with you to help you find the right used shipping container for you. Many of our customers find that a used shipping container is an excellent choice for storing anything from excess inventory to construction or farming equipment. When storing large items, buying a used container is much easier and quicker than constructing a whole new building.

If you’re looking to modify your used shipping container, then we can help with that, too. We offer a variety of modification options, including adding vents, doors, windows, and more. Shipping containers are becoming very popular to reuse as anything from a tiny home to a trendy bar.

We can discuss with you what size and grade of shipping container would be best for your needs, and arrange to deliver it right to wherever you need it!

Good Research and Planning Are the Keys to Success

When it comes to successfully purchasing a used shipping container for sale in Toronto, sound research and planning are the keys to success. Knowing what you’ll use your container for and how long you’ll need it before you start shopping will help save you time and money.

At Sigma Container Corporation, we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about buying used shipping containers and discuss the modifications we can make to your unit.

Contact Us to Learn More

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