The Basics of Custom Containers and Their Unbeatable Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Benefits
Jun 2019

The Basics of Custom Containers and Their Unbeatable Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Benefits

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Shipping containers are a staple component in shipping operations involving large-scale cargo transport but that’s not all that they’re used for. Recently, these containers have been adapted to a wide range of uses now also spanning storage solutions and architectural installations as an alternative to traditional building and construction methods. Since their adaptation for a wide range of commercial, industrial, and residential applications, a new generation of shipping containers have debuted — moving past traditional repurposing, custom containers can now be ordered according to custom specifications required for a particular setting and function.

Considering a shift to portable installations? Discover the benefits and possibilities that custom containers offer to suit specific commercial, industrial, and residential applications:

How Shipping Containers are Repurposed

Traditionally, shipping containers were lauded for their structural integrity that enabled smooth and successful cargo transport operations, while ensuring the safety of the contents inside, no matter the conditions at sea. Today as real estate and rent prices skyrocket, these durable containers present the possibility of custom modifications to support applications enabled by traditional building and construction methods.

Owing to its durability, size, and portability, the standard ISO shipping container has since become a versatile platform for modern, compact design, with just a few modifications. These include adding stud and spray foam to provide a cushion against the steel walls, as well as adding doors and partitions to delineate interior spaces according to function.

Depending on your application, shipping containers can be customized to meet your required specifications. Custom designs with corresponding engineered mechanisms can be ordered, resulting in an office, house, or storage solution that meets your specific requirements and provides long-lasting, reliable function across a wide range of locations. Custom containers provide unparalleled cost savings, mobility benefits, and unbeatable structural integrity compared to traditional concrete or wooden builds.

Suitable Applications

With customized and modified shipping containers, the possibilities are endless. Offering durable function for a wide range of applications and settings, custom containers can be cost-effectively modified according to your needs.

Some of the most common applications of custom containers include:

  • Portable extension, temporary, or construction site offices
  • Workshop spaces
  • Pop-up retail shops and small cafes or restaurants.
  • Housing
  • Storage solutions
  • Moving trailers
  • Enclosures for water treatment and generator equipment
  • Greenhouses for cultivating vegetables, herbs, and flowers, promoting eco-friendly, sustainable living
  • Residential extensions, such as kitchens, kids’ playhouses, craft rooms, and entertainment rooms.

With these offerings, it’s clear that custom containers offer utmost versatility for specific modifications to suit the requirements of a wide range of applications. Depending on its specific function, a custom container can be fitted with appropriate electrical and plumbing configurations prior to deployment. The result is a durable, compact, and modern alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar functions, but without the hefty payment and operational downtime.

Unparalleled Benefits of Custom Containers

The structural integrity and resulting durability of steel is just the base for why custom containers are becoming a leading alternative to traditional building structures and corporate, industrial, retail, and residential spaces. Their ability to withstand the extreme weather conditions in Canada while providing adequate shelter for equipment, electronics, cargo, and people are also some of the most popular reasons why custom containers are changing the way we construct spaces for business, storage, and even housing.

Other benefits of custom containers include:

  1. Affordability

    With the rising cost of real estate and rent and increasing competition for prime locations, custom containers offer a viable, cost-effective alternative to traditional building spaces. Buying a custom container is more affordable than purchasing building materials, as well as renting storage space, and purchasing display materials, which is a large cost in retail settings.

  2. Sustainability

    Buying a refurbished or customized shipping container is an eco-friendly practice, as it enables the use of recycled materials. This allows you to reduce your carbon footprint and promote a sustainable and environmentally responsible lifestyle or corporate culture.

  3. Flexibility

    Custom containers are some of the most versatile structures in the market. Depending on your application, these can be cut, modified, or fitted according to required specifications, providing you with endless possibilities when it comes to organizing a mobile office, pop-up retail shop, storage unit, and many more.

  4. Mobility

    Originally designed for transport, custom containers retain the mobility of shipping containers at their core, providing the utmost flexibility in terms of mobility and relocation. This is especially important for temporary installations or in applications relocating in the foreseeable future, such as when moving houses or when a construction project reaches the turnover phase. Custom containers can be easily attached to a standard truck or train, or even shipped.

  5. Scalability

    Custom containers are modular structures, meaning they can be scaled up or down in size to support the increasing demands of a growing enterprise. Depending on your operational requirements, custom containers can be stacked and attached to each other to create a larger workspace or retail environment.

  6. Security

    From the outside, this freestanding structure may appear to lack the security of traditional buildings, especially when positioned in areas with high foot traffic, and sem vulnerable to possible break-ins and vandalism attempts, but that’s not the case. Custom containers are fitted with a steel lockbox that protects any padlocks from bolt cutters. The structure can also be secured to the ground or a transport vehicle by leveraging conveniently placed tie-down points. And finally, D-ring hooks can be installed at the top and bottom of the interior walls for secure shelf space, no matter the weather and transport conditions.

  7. Temperature control

    Custom containers can be fitted with lights, heating, and lined walls to protect goods and equipment stored inside from harsh weather conditions. These are also reinforced with heavy-duty rubber gaskets lining up the doors, which ensure a water-tight seal and added weather protection.

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