Shipping Containers for Rent: How Durable Are Shipping Containers?
Jun 2023

Shipping Containers for Rent: How Durable Are Shipping Containers?

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Have you ever considered renting a shipping container? One of the most significant benefits of shipping containers is their durability. While shipping containers are known for their longevity and security, they may be subjected to significant wear and tear over the years, especially from improper care. 

This blog will discuss why shipping containers are considered a safe and reliable way of transporting goods and how to ensure your rented container is in top condition.

We’ll explain:

  • The many reasons that shipping containers are so durable: They are meant to withstand harsh weather and be fire-resistant and pest-resistant.

  • The factors that can impact a shipping container’s durability: These factors include how often it has been used and what modifications have been made to it.

  • What to check for to ensure that you rent a long-lasting shipping container: We will discuss how you can determine if your shipping container is in good condition, including finding signs of wear and tear, and dents.

4 Reasons Shipping Containers Are So Durable

There are a number of reasons why a shipping container provides good durability, including the following:

  1. They are designed to last: A shipping container can be exposed to a lot when it’s out on the open sea, including high winds, rain, snow, and sleet. So, you don’t have to worry about your shipping container being damaged by bad weather.

  2. They are fire-resistant: Hot, dry summers are becoming more common, and forest fires come with them. Storing your goods in a shipping container means you have fewer concerns that they will catch fire from an outside source.

  3. They are well-shielded against pests: You don’t have to worry about insects like carpenter ants and termites eating through steel walls as they do with wood! Additionally, animals such as squirrels and raccoons can’t make their way through steel walls.

  4. They are less prone to mould and mildew development: Since shipping containers are excellent at keeping water out, you are less likely to have issues with leaks and water stains, which can lead to mould and mildew appearing.

3 Factors That Impact a Shipping Container’s Durability

Shipping containers are made from corten steel and are designed to last. However, some factors can impact their durability. These are the most common:

  • Frequency of usage and its impact: A shipping container that’s been used for numerous trips will be less durable than one that’s only been used a few times. 

  • Being improperly stacked: If shipping containers are improperly stacked while they are being stored, this can damage the container’s structural integrity. Stacking containers that are not the same size can result in uneven weight distribution and lead the bottom container to collapse, especially if the top container is heavier than the bottom container.

  • Improper modifications made during renovations: Modifications to shipping containers must be made carefully. Removing essential parts such as corner castings (which hold up the weight of the container) or cutting out holes that are too big in shipping container walls can seriously damage the unit’s durability for the long-term

What to Check for to Ensure Your Shipping Container Will Last

If something is durable, that means it’s built to last. While you can’t tell in advance how long a shipping container will remain in good condition, you can check for the following:

  1. Is it in good condition?: You should examine the unit to see if there are any obvious defects.

  2. Does it have any wear and tear?: Be sure to check for holes or cracks in the metal.

  3. Are there any dents or warping in the metal?: This can particularly be an issue if the shipping container doors or lock rods have warped.

Making sure you end up with a long-lasting shipping container helps you avoid problems cropping up with it down the line that will cost you time and money to fix.

Get Durable Shipping Containers from Sigma Container

At Sigma Container, we offer various services associated with shipping containers. We have shipping containers for rent and sale, as well as moving and delivery. Think of us as a one-stop shop where you can determine exactly what size of shipping container you need, arrange to rent it, and then have it shipped to wherever you need it.

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Enjoy the Benefits of a Long-Lasting Shipping Container

When you are looking for a durable shipping container, you know you’re getting something made with solid materials and superior craftsmanship, as well as being carefully inspected between uses.

Whether you are renting or purchasing a shipping container from us, you can rest easy, knowing you’re working with experienced professionals. We’ll help you with everything you need, from determining what size of container you require to having it delivered wherever you want.

With Sigma Container Corporation, you’re renting from an experienced company with over 40 years of experience in the shipping container industry.

Contact Us to Learn More About Shipping Containers for Rent

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