Same price, different results, why does one container look better than the other?
Dec 2023

Same price, different results, why does one container look better than the other?

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Shipping Container come in one of two conditions which are cargo worthy meaning used and one tripper which mean brand new. In this blog we will discuss how containers can range in price and why some containers are priced differently but may look the same.



Shipping containers come in all different sizes and conditions. Typically, containers are classified as wind and waterproof which is the lowest quality, then cargo worthy then new which is considered one tripper. Typically, there is a wide range of prices when considering of buying used versus new. The biggest thing is quality. Used Containers are still in decent shape, but they are not brand new. Most of the times used containers will have rust, dents are in overall used condition. They are still an ideal option for many people and businesses as they provide additional storage options.

Here at Sigma Container, we provide our customers with numerous container options. If you would like to inquire about our containers, please visit our website or give us a call.



In terms of suppliers that can be crucial to the price and quality of the container. Most supply will carry loads of different container but not all have the same quality. Most supplier carry sizes including 20’s, 40’s and other sizes as well. As well some suppliers carry different variations of containers including side opening, double door and many more.

There are many suppliers of containers within the province of Ontario, commonly they only service the GTA. Most of the supplier will drop off containers among several depots within the GTA in regions such as Vaughan and Toronto.

Container may be listed as the same price, but one may be better in quality. There are a couple reasons for that. Firstly, that has to do with the company who makes the containers, some containers are just simply built better than other thereby lasting longer. As well some containers are built in lesser condition which makes them easier to rust and deteriorate


Used or New

Containers come in many different conditions. Commonly used and new are the conditions of the containers. Used are significantly less expensive than new containers, there are 2 qualities of used containers. One being “as is” which means basically in bad condition lots of dents, rust overall bad quality. Then there is cargo worthy which is want we sell here at Sigma container. We pride ourselves in selling the best containers and we are not satisfied until the customer is as well.

New container also described as one tripper are the best containers on the market. These are usually more expensive and are in brand new condition. These containers are the best and this is evident in the price. While the price is significantly higher than a used container, it can be seen in the quality and durability of the container.


Here at SIGMA container, we pride ourselves on giving out customers the best possible containers on the market. We have a wide variety of condition in numerous different qualities. This thereby allows our customers to pick and choose which containers are best for them.



Some containers are modified which allows them to look different than other containers. Modifications can come in all different options. Commonly modification include roll up doors, man doors, windows etc. Modifications can allow a container to be fully customizable and will allow the container to suite the clients need. Whether you would like windows or doors here at Sigma Container that is a service we can provide.



Container can vary from either used or new. That as well will be reflective in the price that is listed. Many different things can be factored in to determining why containers are different than others. Containers provide many solutions to storage and housing other items; they are useful for many things. While the price may differ depending on if the container is used or new, they all serve the same purpose. Overall, container is a great solution for many things. There are many things that are brought into affect when deciding what container to use. Using a container will provide you with many long lasting storage solution problems.