8 Things You Can Store in a Shipping Container During the Winter Months
Nov 2021

8 Things You Can Store in a Shipping Container During the Winter Months

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Pretty soon, the cold weather will be here, and shipping containers are an ideal way to store household items over the winter season. However, it’s not as simple as just placing your contents in the container. A little preparation is needed, and that involves cleaning and packing them in boxes or plastic wrap.

Gearing up for the winter might seem like a big task. Having a shipping container in Toronto, though, is a very convenient way to store your most expensive items during the cold season while having instant access to them and without worrying about their safety. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at the 8 things you can store in a shipping container during the winter months. 

1. Lawn equipment

During the winter, you won’t be mowing the lawn or gardening in your backyard. So, it’s best to place your off-season yard maintenance tools in your shipping container. At first, you might think it’s better to leave them in your garage. However, they will be taking up space, and you could free up some room for your winter-ready equipment such as shovels and snow blowers.  

2. Summer cars or motorcycle 

If you have a summer car such as a convertible or motorcycle, winter conditions can damage your vehicle’s battery and tires. The best option is to store it in an insulated shipping container. Before you do so, be sure to empty the gas tanks in each vehicle. If you forget to empty the gas tank, the gasoline can freeze over the winter, thus causing your gas tank to burst. 

3. Outdoor furniture 

If your front and backyard are filled with patio furniture such as benches, tables, and chairs, leaving them outside during the winter months could damage them. To avoid unnecessary wear and tear and extend the lifespan of your outdoor furniture, your best bet is to store them in a shipping container. Come the spring, they will be in tip-top shape for use again.

4. Electronics 

Electronics can be stored in a shipping container during the winter. However, they should be treated with special care. First, do not place them on the floor of the container. The floor gets cold quickly during the winter, leading to damage of the internal functions and batteries of electronics. The best way to store electronics in a container over the winter is to place them in their original packaging or boxes. Once packed, wrap the boxes with shrink wrap, and place them inside protective covers such as plastic wardrobe boxes. Finally, place them on shelves or tables away from the doors and windows.  

5. Summer wardrobe 

It’s natural in the winter to have more sweaters, jackets, and coats to hang in your closet. To clear up some space in your closet, store your summer wardrobe in a shipping container. Not only does this provide you more room for your winter clothing, but it also gives you a chance to sort through your clothes and see items that you don’t want anymore. 

6. Merchandise and decor

If you are a business owner with winter inventory and less space, placing your overstock in a shipping container is a great solution. A shipping container is safe, as you can lock it and it stays dry inside throughout the winter. You can rest assured that your inventory stays secure, so  when you need your merchandise, it is easily accessible. 

7. Household furniture 

Furniture is very popular for winter storage. Still, you need to prepare your furniture items before placing them in a shipping container, as they can get damaged. When prepping your furniture, the first step is to clean each item thoroughly with fabric-safe cleaners.

If you have wooden furniture items, wax them beforehand. This prevents them from getting chipped or scratched. Wrap up all your furniture using shrink wrap, and then cover them with tarps or moving blankets for extra protection.

Once you are ready to place your furniture in a shipping container, be sure to keep them far away from the doors and windows. This is to prevent any snow or rain from seeping in and damaging the items.  

8. Grills 

Outdoor grills take up a lot of space in your garage, so it’s good practice to store them in a shipping container in the winter. Clean them first, then place a weatherproof cover to keep them undamaged. Do not forget to remove the propane tank. Note, however, that we do not recommend leaving the tank indoors because it is flammable.

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As already pointed out, there are many household items that can be stored away safely in the winter. Here is a recap of the 8 things you can store in a shipping container during the winter months:

  • Lawn equipment. When you are not using your lawnmower and other yard maintenance tools during the summer, storing them in a shipping container can free up space in your garage.
  • Vehicle or motorcycle. If you have a specific car or motorcycle that you only use in the summer, storing it away in a container can keep it safe during the winter season.
  • Outdoor furniture. Patio tables, benches, chairs, and all outdoor furnishings can be stored away in a shipping container instead of leaving them in the garage or yard.
  • Electronics. The ideal method to store electronics in a shipping container over the winter is to place them in their original packaging or boxes, and then put them in plastic wardrobe boxes. Avoid the floor, and place them on shelves or tables.
  • Summer wardrobe. By storing your summer clothes in a container during the winter months, you make room in your closet for your winter garments such as your coats, sweaters, and jackets.
  • Merchandise and decor. Business owners with inventory can place their goods in a container for safekeeping. When it’s time to collect it, it will be ready for sale and will be in good condition.
  • Furniture. Prepare furniture items for winter storage by cleaning them and then wrapping shrink or plastic wrap around them. For extra protection, place moving blankets over them before storing them in a container.
  • Grills and charcoal grills. By keeping your grill stored in a container during the winter months, you free up some space in your garage, while keeping them away from flammable items. 

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