10 Things You Need to Know About Working With a Shipping Container Modification Company
Aug 2021

10 Things You Need to Know About Working With a Shipping Container Modification Company

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Do you have a business or personal project that involves hiring a shipping container modification company to help you out? At first, putting together a project involving shipping containers seems like an overwhelming task. However, once you prepare your side of the project, working with a container modification company is a fulfilling experience.  

At Sigma Container Corporation, we are a team of professionals with over 40 years of combined industry experience in helping you create custom-craft containers to fulfill your project goals. When it comes to container modifications in Ontario, we have a variety of colours, sizes, and materials for rent or purchase to accommodate your project. 

Kicking off your project on a good start is our top priority. Based on previous shipping container projects we have completed, we would like to guide you on how the process works from start to finish when working with a shipping container modification company. Read on to find out the 10 things you need to know before working with any shipping container modification company. 

1. Shipping Container Companies Can Work With Your Ideas 

Shipping container companies take on different projects because we understand that everyone’s ideas are different. If you’re planning to open a pop-up shop or building a container home, we can work with you. Our container modification services in Ontario are flexible, and any ideas you have are never out of the ordinary.

2. Put Your Specific Design on Paper

First, write all your ideas on paper. Before approaching a shipping container modification company, it’s ideal to have a specific design in mind. For instance, blueprints, construction plans and drawings, exterior and interior diagrams, and working drawings all constitute proper designs that we can work with. If you need assistance with putting your ideas on paper or need to fine-tune your ideas with some help from professionals, we can assist you with creating custom designs

3. Define the Main Purpose of the Shipping Container

The most important question you should be able to answer is what is the main purpose of your shipping container? Part of the shipping container modification process is to know if it is temporary or permanent. Are you thinking of purchasing or renting a shipping container? 

Typically, our clients purchase a shipping container for long-term or permanent projects such as container homes or offices, whereas other clients temporarily rent shipping containers for storage purposes. You need to take a look at your project and pick the best option for you. 

4. Decide on What Modifications are Needed

If you need modifications done on your shipping container, you can take a “do-it-yourself” approach or we can help. The benefit of working with a container modification company is that we have the resources for installing additions such as windows, doors, skylights, air conditioning, and heat. All modifications should be discussed during the conceptual stage.

It is important to clarify with the container company if you need modifications done on an insulated or refrigerated container. These kinds of containers lose their insulation once reconstruction is performed on the interior walls. As we have seen in our past projects, getting steel containers for modified containers are appropriate for re-framing and inserting insulation properly.

5. Have a Budget

During the conceptual phase, it’s important to communicate your budget with the container company, as this ensures how funds will be distributed throughout the project. By factoring in the modifications and size of your shipping container, setting a budget will prevent overspending. In some cases, unexpected expenses can arise during the construction phase. We recommend that you put aside an emergency fund to cover these costs if they should occur. 

6. Have Building Codes and Permits 

If you are planning a project that requires permission to set up camp, you should obtain a building code or permit to do so. Without the correct building codes or permits, container modification companies cannot start construction, thus putting a halt to your project.  

It is important to contact your city hall to find out your locality’s rules and regulations regarding container structures, as well as whether you are required to apply for any permits.Once the building codes and permits are approved, you can move forward with the construction planning. 

7. Each Container Is Manufactured to Order 

When deciding to purchase or rent a shipping container, the majority of container modification companies mass-produce 20-foot and 40-foot containers. However, if you require a larger or smaller container, be sure to discuss the design and size dimensions with the container company. 

You also should specify how many shipping containers you need, and review the sizes of each before the container company sends the order to the manufacturer. You should discuss with the container company how flexible they are with your container design specifications, and come to an agreement when they confirm exactly what you need from each container.  

8. Safe Shipping 

Once you have paid for your shipping container, we take care of the shipping container delivery. Our drivers load the container on a flatbed and maneuver it to the location of your choice. When expecting the delivery of your container, be sure that the surrounding space where you want to place it has enough space for the trunk to safely drive in and place the container in the designated area. 

9. Work Collectively to See Through the Modification Process

Working side by side with a shipping modification company to ensure the shipping process goes smoothly can assist greatly with meeting your construction deliverables. We use up-to-date technology to engage with the shipping container manufacturer to ensure your container is ready on time. 

10. Future Maintenance of Shipping Containers

Once the construction of your shipping container is completed, it’s important to note that its exterior materials like steel need after-care. Due to natural wear and tear and weather conditions, shipping containers are subject to rust. You should therefore schedule regular inspections on your container every few months for rust and treat it for corrosion. By maintaining the upkeep of your container, you protect your investment and the contents inside. 

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