Winter is Coming: Guide to Maintaining Your Storage Container
Nov 2023

Winter is Coming: Guide to Maintaining Your Storage Container

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Tips to get your container ready for the winter months.


Shipping containers are ideal storage options for businesses and individuals. Containers are perfect for storing vehicles, oversize items and provide a supplementary storage space for business. Taking, the proper precautions during the coldest time of the year will allow for the protection of your investment. Thereby allowing your container to last substantially longer. In this blog post we will discuss winterproofing tips and ways to make your container last longer.

Shipping Containers are built to last for a significant amount of time, there are certain tricks that can be done to increase the longevity. With shipping containers being a ever increasing hot commodity. Commonly containers have a life span of 10-15 years, but with proper maintenance and constant upkeep they can last for up to 25 years.


Rust Maintenance

Containers are made from maritime grade Corten steel, commonly know as weathering steel. Corten steel is an alloy which means it is a mixture of two types of steels, this makes it less prone to rusting. While containers are somewhat rust proof over time they will eventually begin to rust. Below are some tips and maintenance methods to help out customers handle rust prevention.


Tips for Containers

  1. Check your container on a regular basis to identify if there are any damages or outstanding issues. Inspects all aspects of the container including the roof, side walls, interior and bottom of the container for notable signs of rust or damage. Checking of the hinges, doors, lock would ideal as well as those parts tend to see damage more frequently.
  2. Cleaning your container is actually very important, cleaning dirt, grime, debris, or other contaminants will actually prolong your container. After doing this step we recommend using a power washer or an industrial scrub brush using soap and water to clean both the inside and outside of the container. Rinse the container with water then let completely dry.
  3. Check for leaks as water damage can cause serious harm to your container. The container should be airtight to allow for best usage. Check both the interior and exterior for leaks as well as mold and mildew. It is great to check around the door seals and modification areas as these areas could potentially see the most water.
  4. Maintain moving parts of the container. This means that lubrication of all moving parts of container is necessary to ensure longevity. Use lubrication preferably high grade to grease the hinges, locks and other moving parts located on the container.
  5. Keeping the container off of the ground is ideal to reduce water damage and reduce rust. What is recommended is placing the container on concrete block, steel beams or even wooden beams. Ideally having the container six inches off the ground is perfect to prevent your container from having water damage and any damage in general.


Containers can be considered an investment or even an extension of one’s business. To protect your investment simple steps can be taken. As listen in the tips above those are basic steps that can be taken to increase the lifespan of a container. Another tip we advise our customers to do is insulate the container. Insulation can help regulate temperature and prevent rust. Foam insulation is highly recommended as it is easy to apply. If foam insulation is not an option spray foam can be used as well.


Container Winter Uses

Containers are a great storage option during the winter months. There are numerous items that a container can store that will help declutter your property or business during the winter months. For an example all outside furniture can be stored in a container since the container is wind and waterproof your outdoor furniture will not rust. As well storage containers are great for storing access materials or even cars.

Containers provide an ideal space for cars and other vehicles during the winter months. Most containers are big enough to storage 1-2 cars comfortably inside. Having the container wind and waterproof will allow the container to be ideal for storage, thereby the cars will not rust and be solidly protected from the elements. Storage containers are ideal for winter storage and can be uses for numerous other things. What is stated above is just a small suggestion of things that container can be used for.


Overall, there are numerous tips and maintenance options that can allow the container to last longer than without maintenance. Here at Sigma Container Corporation, we offer you the best advise to improve the longevity of your container.

If you follow the tips stated above, you will see the container you have purchased last long and be less prone to rusting. Maintaining and protecting your container from damage will help maintain your valuable investment.

Here at Sigma Container Corporation, we strive to give you all the best possible information to help improve your containers usages and help prolong your investment. Hopefully these tips are helpful and prove to be vital in helping our customers when it comes to container advise!