Rising Construct: Shipping Containers as Tool Sheds for Construction Sites
Jun 2023

Rising Construct: Shipping Containers as Tool Sheds for Construction Sites

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Summer in 2023 has arrived quicker and hotter than in our recent past years. Along with the summer weather, the construction projects across Ontario has already kicked off into high gear. If you have already passed by one of these construction sites, you may have already seen shipping containers on site or on the side of the road. Construction sites require safe storage and quick access to their tools, equipment, and supplies so it is no wonder that many have already opted to use shipping containers as their solution.

Let’s explore both the benefits and considerations of utilizing a shipping container as a tool shed for construction sites.

The Benefits:

1. Durability

Shipping containers are designed to withstand a lot. Whether it’s harsh weather conditions or transport conditions, they are meant to withstand the elements, such as wind, water, and even pests. Not to mention that they are made of corten steel, which provides strong protection to the structural integrity of the container, perfect for construction sites where tools and equipment can easily cause dents.

2. Leak-Proof

No matter the time of year, construction sites will have to face rain or extreme temperatures. As construction tools and machinery in general are often susceptible to damage if exposed to elements, it is perfect to store them in shipping containers to keep them in good condition. Every shipping container labeled ‘wind and water tight’ and above is guaranteed to protect the stored equipment and tools from all types of precipitation. Sigma only sells used shipping containers at cargo worthy standard which is a grade above wind and water tight to include solid floors as well.

3. Security

The tools and equipment at construction sites should not only be stored in shipping containers to protect them from the elements, but to protect them from thieves as well. As they are valuable, they should be stored securely equal to their value. Shipping containers are perfectly designed to fit lock blocks for anti lock-cutting and if the preferred one can always add in security enhancements. For example, alarm systems and cameras.

4. Mobility & Flexibility

Unlike setting up tool sheds, shipping containers are portable! Containers can be easily transported, even with the tools inside if weight allows, between different construction sites if needed. No need to bring the tools back and forth between sites separately or to set up and then dismantle temporary storage sheds. If the project is also only to be completed in a short period, shipping containers can also be rented out instead of purchased.

5. Cost-Effective

Compared to setting up and dismantling a traditional tool shed, renting or purchasing a shipping container may be a more cost-effective method. Sigma Container Corporation offers rental units on a month-to-month basis and if the duration of the construction project will be longer, it may be best to purchase outright. For either option, shipping containers are readily available and no set up would be required.

6. Upcycling

It’s no surprise that shipping containers at construction sites easily get dirty and beat up. It’s even to be expected. As long as the structural integrity of holds and the container can continue to protect the tools and equipment inside, it does not need to look pretty. Most construction companies who do utilize shipping containers tend to purchase already used shipping containers as they know that dents are likely to happen when handling large tools and heavy equipment. The benefit of upcycling used shipping containers would help to reduce carbon footprints as naturally it would reduce the use of resources.

The Considerations:

1. Size

The first thing to consider would be what size would be needed. Depending on the tools and equipment used, you may need a 20’ or 40’ container. Also consider the height of the equipment. Shipping containers also come in standard height of 8 ft 6 inches or a high cube which is 9 ft 6” inches.

2. Spacing

It would also benefit to be aware of the space restrictions of the construction site for when delivering the shipping container. Delivering shipping containers on flatbeds or float trucks require a lot of room to maneuver turns and drops.

For spacing, where the container will be placed should be considered in terms of accessibility. The placement of the container should be easily accessible to bring equipment in and out from.

3. Permits

It is always better to be safe than sorry. Check with local municipalities where the construction will take place to ensure that utilizing a shipping container as a tool shed complies with all regulations. If necessary, there may be permits, building codes, or zoning requirements that need to be met.


Utilizing shipping containers as tool sheds for construction sites can only benefit when all the considerations have been met. Not only are shipping containers secure, durable, and flexible, upcycling shipping containers can help environmental sustainability.


For any additional information on shipping containers, please call Sigma Container Corporation at 1-877-225-7765 or contact us online. Whether you have any additional questions regarding shipping containers as tool sheds or need help considering renting or purchase, Sigma is here to help!