Online Scams Targeting Sigma Container
Nov 2023

Online Scams Targeting Sigma Container

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Dear Customers, 


It has come to our attention that recently, there has been an increase in scammers impersonating legitimate companies and targeting unsuspecting customers. At this time, it appears that the scammers largely use Facebook and Kijiji. The team at Sigma Containers feel for the victims and have reported the issue to the authorities. We also encourage victims to report the fraud to their banks. 


Scammers can cause devastating loss and damage to its victims. It corrodes trust in the community and harms legitimate businesses. Sigma works hard to protect its customers and provide a safe environment to do business. Please see below some tips on how to take preventative measures to protect ourselves, and stop fraud in its tracks before it happens. 


Tips on Recognizing and Avoiding Scams

1) Double-check that you are talking to a legitimate seller

At this time, it appears that an overwhelming majority of these scammers are using Facebook and Kijiji to find their victims. While there are many legitimate individual sellers and small businesses who use Facebook and Kijiji, Sigma does NOT put ads on either of these platforms. When working with a Facebook or Kijiji seller, it is important to research the seller and confirm they are legitimate. Double-check that the person you are speaking to is who they say they are. For Sigma, we welcome you to visit our company‚Äôs website at, phone us at 416-366-7762 and drop by our Toronto office. 

2) If you are unsure, do NOT pay in advance

Scammers like to ask for payment in advance. If you are unsure, do NOT send the payment! At Sigma, we will generally ask for a credit card to do a pre-authorized hold (not a charge!) to confirm the order, and request for payment upon delivery. We have found that this method is most effective for protecting both consumers and businesses. 


3) Only send payment using a secure and protected method

Legitimate companies such as Sigma will provide you with multiple secure payment options such as cheque upon delivery, secure credit card processing and EFT payments. Beware of sellers that insist on cash or e-transfer only, especially if it is before you receive the product.  


4) Seller does not use official communication

Here at Sigma Containers, we stick to professional communication channels only – our office phone and company emails are our main lines of communication. All Sigma employees use our legitimate emails with the domains – if you receive communication requests from anything different, beware! Scammers will often use personal emails or an altered version of the official email domain to impersonate legitimate businesses. 


If you think you’ve been scammed on Facebook Marketplace or Kijiji, please report it immediately to the platform administrators, your bank, and local authorities. Always refer to our official website for any inquiries or questions about our products and services. Submit a form at or call us directly at 416-366-7762 and our staff will happily reach out to you using a secured communication method to assist you.