Need to think about space? Change a container to fit!
Oct 2023

Need to think about space? Change a container to fit!

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Need to think about space? Change a container to fit!

Containers provide a versatile option for storage. The unique ability a container provides is it allows the consumer to have a cheap storage solution. Which means containers therefore are a better alternative than contemporary storage options. The popularity of containers within the past 10-15 years has dramatically increased due to accessibility and availability.


Three Modifications that can increase the storage of your container


A great modification that can be done to a container is to add additional shelving. Very common modification is shelving and allows the containers to become more versatile. Shelving can come in various options commonly standard sizing, to allow for the best storage options. Shelving is just one modification that is commonly used in the container industry.  

Roll up Doors

Roll up door is a great option for a container. Having a roll up door allows easier access to storage and increased options to differentiate your container from standard containers. Roll up doors can be place virtually anywhere on the container. Roll up doors and come in many sizes typically six by seven and seven by eight are the most common size used. Other sizes can be used as well but are less common. While roll up doors may be one of the most popular modifications that can be done to containers, there are other options.

 Air Vents

Air vents are a specific modification that can be done. Commonly air vents are put in the side of the container and the front. By doing this it provides the container with even more circulation than before. Allowing customer to storage hazardous goods or provide the container with better circulation to store products better.


Containers are a great option for storage solutions. Let’s explore how containers are becoming one of the most common storage solutions within Ontario. Containers come in all spaces and sizes, most commonly they come in 40 feet and 20 feet.  Containers also come in HC sizes which means they are 1 foot taller than standard size containers. High cube container are extremely popular because they provide more height. Thereby High Cube containers are often time used to store more products.


Containers that are most popular are for modification would be 20ft containers. Since of there unique size it allows for 20ft containers to be way easier to move and modify. Container with sizes of 20ft and smaller are perfect for residential storage, as well for smaller spaces. The practical size of 20ft containers allows them to be easily modified and as well. In many cases smaller containers can be transformed into workshops, food stands, office spaces and much more. Another option that makes 20ft container more popular than 40ft containers is that fact that they are cheaper. According to reports within the container industry 20ft container are about 30% cheaper than regular 40ft size containers. With smaller containers come less storage space but that is made up for in the cost. 


Containers vs Conventional Storage units


There is big difference between sea containers and regular storage options. Let’s discuss how containers provide more options and a better overall solution to storage needs. First off containers are far cheaper, about 30% cheaper than conventional storage options. Sea containers are also extremely versatile, they can be put into virtually every scenario. Which gives them a higher advantage to services customers who need on site storage solutions. Having on site storage options is what containers can provide and it is extremely useful for customers. Most customer who needs onsite range from a variety of business and industry. The most typical customers are within construction industry or other manufacturing industries.


Containers provide the best solution in terms of long-term storage. Sea container provide the space needed to storage large machinery safely. This is why most industries are turning to containers to provide storage solutions. Needless to say, containers are the way of the future in the storage industry, in years to come sea containers will dominate the storage industry.



Within the past decade, containers have been increasingly in popularity. This is seen through rise in business that strictly focus on the selling of containers for storage usages. Here at Sigma Container, we pride ourselves in providing clients with the best options when it comes to containers. The future of storage is in containers, and we believe that everyone should see the benefits of containers.  Either private clients or large corporations could use containers for various purposes. Overall, containers are great for anyone who is interested in long-term or short-term storage options.