How to Turn a Modified Shipping Container Into an Office
Nov 2022

How to Turn a Modified Shipping Container Into an Office

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Are you looking to expand your office space but don’t want to get into the hassles of dealing with construction? Or perhaps you need office space separate from the rest of your current building.

No matter what the circumstances are for needing office space, a shipping container can be an excellent way to get new office space without having to get into numerous permits, plans, and construction.

These are some of the ways you can have an Ontario shipping container modified into an office:

  • Have doors, flooring and windows installed.
  • Have security features like cameras and floodlights installed.
  • Have plumbing, electrical and heating and cooling features installed.

Let’s take a look!

Have Doors, Flooring And Windows Installed in Your Shipping Container

The first things that need to be added to shipping containers to turn them into offices are doors and windows. After all, no one wants to work in the dark or have to open the huge doors that shipping containers come with just to get inside the office.

Another feature that can improve both the look and feel of a shipping container turned into an office is new flooring. While the shipping container will come with its original bottom, metal is not always comfortable to walk on nor particularly attractive in a formal office setting. Some options for shipping container offices for flooring are vinyl, laminate, and even anti-slip paint.

Have Security Features Like Cameras and Floodlights Installed on the Outside of Your Shipping Container

Another way to modify the Ontario shipping container you buy to turn into an office is to add features like security cameras and floodlights.

Since your shipping container office is separate from your main office, you’ll need to add security features to it to protect both the office and your staff:

  • Installing security cameras on the outside will help your staff members feel secure while in the office and provide a deterrent to thieves when it is empty.
  • Having floodlights outside the office will also help deter thieves and provide your employees with additional light, which is especially important in the winter when it gets dark early.

Have Plumbing, Electrical, Heating and Cooling Features Installed In Your Shipping Container Office

Turning a shipping container into a proper office requires more than just adding a few windows and doors. These are other modifications you can add to your shipping container office:

  • Adding in plumbing features such as a toilet and sinks.
  • Add in lights and sockets – after all, what office doesn’t have a million things that need to be plugged in?
  • Add in heating and cooling options. In Ontario, it gets very cold in the winter and quite hot in the summer, so it’s essential to make sure you add climate-control options to your shipping container office.

While these modifications will add to the initial cost of the shipping container you buy, they will ensure that once you’ve converted it, it can function as a stand-alone office no matter where you place it.

How can Sigma Container help me?

At Sigma Container, we can not only sell you an Ontario shipping container but also make modifications to a shipping container, so it becomes an ideal office space!

These are just some of the modifications we can make to a shipping container to turn it into an office:

  • Roll up and steel man doors to provide you with various options for employees to enter the office.
  • Louver vents to improve ventilation and ensure air will circulate.
  • Windows to add in natural light and provide another option for ventilation.
  • We can paint both the exterior and the floor. We offer an anti-slip paint option to make the floor more attractive and safer to walk on.
  • Spray foam insulation to help keep the office cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
  • Partition walls if you need to have separate spaces within your shipping container office.
  • Custom shelving to help you store all the items you need to use in your shipping container office.
  • Wiring for LED lights.

Take a look at our gallery to understand better how a shipping container can be modified to suit your office needs. We also take custom requests for modifications.

There Are So Many Options When It Comes to Turning a Shipping Container Into an Office

Shipping containers can be modified to become anything from a pop-up shop to a tiny home.

A large variety of modifications can be made to a shipping container to turn it into an office, including installing doors and windows, adding security features such as cameras, and installing plumbing and electrical fixtures.

At Sigma Container, we don’t just have shipping containers for sale – we also offer custom modifications to shipping containers. We can help you plan out what modifications you’ll need for your shipping container office and then implement them. And when we’re done, we’ll deliver it to the drop site you specify.

Contact Us to Learn More

Modifying a shipping container is a great way to get new office space! To learn more about how we can help you with a new shipping container office, call us at 1-877-225-7762 or contact us online.

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