How Shipping Containers are Used to Benefit to the Pharmaceutical Industry
Feb 2024

How Shipping Containers are Used to Benefit to the Pharmaceutical Industry

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How Shipping Containers are used to benefit to the Pharmaceutical Industry

As the global economy continues to grow so does the shipping container industry. One industry that has been a constantly stable and continuing to grow is the pharmaceutical industry. The industries interest for containers has increased because of logistical and warehousing issues.

How shipping containers can help the pharmaceutical industry is quite simple. The use of specialized pharmaceutical storage units are vital to storing various pharmaceutical products at climate controlled levels. Having these containers allow companies within the pharmaceutical industry increase storage solutions while still being conscience of space.


Three Containers Used for Pharmaceutical Purposes

Pharmaceutical companies are extremely regulated, therefore containers need to have specialized characteristics to suit the specific needs of the industry. Below three containers will be discussed that are the best option for the pharmaceutical industry.


  1. Reefer Containers: These containers are specifically designed to hold products that need to be kept cold or at a regulated temperature. These are one of the most common containers used within the pharmaceutical industry because most products need to be climate controlled.


  1. Dry van containers: Although not as ideal as Reefer Containers, these containers still provide some capabilities that are valuable to the industry. These units are wind and waterproof and allow no moisture to get in. As well they prevent other damaging factors to get in. Making them great for excess inventory or as a storage space.


  1. Modified Units: Modified Shipping container can provide extreme amounts of versatility. Having modified units can allow companies to use containers in numerous different ways. In particular, to providing solutions to storge problems these units are perfect for this.


Requirements for pharmaceutical industry

Within the pharmaceutical industry there are specific requirements needed. All container used must meet the certain requirements and standards within the industry.  This is to ensure that products that are inside the container are safe and viable.


Temperature Controlled

Having units at the correct temperature is a crucial need for the pharmaceutical industry. Maintaining the temperature within the units is crucial to helping maintain products. For example, vaccines and drugs need to be held at specific temperatures or else they are at risk for losing their effectiveness and potency.

Containers specifically Reefer containers can help with this problem. With advanced temperature control settings and insultation they can be used in the capacity to deal with large amount of inventory. The technology within Reefer container allows the container to have a consistent internal temperature but can be changed based on the specific needs of the product inside.

Furthermore, alarms and monitoring systems can be put into place to help defect if there are increases or decreases in the internal temperature. Allowing the pharmaceutical products inside to maintain their effectiveness.


Meet Regulatory standards

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most regulated industries in the entire world. Thereby, meaning that storage options for the industry need to be highly regulated as well. For a container to be used by pharmaceutical industry they need to adhere to strict regulations and standards created by the industry itself.

The main standard that is needed through the industry is that pharmaceutical products are stored in conditions that do not harm or alter their efficacy.  Temperature control is important but as well protection against ultraviolet light, humidity, and contamination are all important so the vaccines or medicines inside do not tamper.

Modified and climate-controlled container can help with these issues. That is why more and more containers are being used within the pharmaceutical industry for a variety of purposes.

Benefits of Container for pharmaceutical storage

Cost savings

What makes containers so attractive to pharmaceutical companies around the world? Primarily, they offer significant cost savings. Owning or renting conventional spaces are expensive and require significant investment and constant maintenance which costs a lot of money.

On the other hand, containers provide an effective way to store inventory on a budget. Containers are versatile so they can be relocated at anytime. Which is much simpler to accomplish than having a huge facility. As well it is simple to maintain to require less financial investment than fixed set ups.


Security and Theft Prevention

Security and theft prevention is a top priority for many within the pharmaceutical industry. Containers provide the ability to be secure and dependable unlike conventional storage spaces.

Lockboxes and modifications can be added for increased security to secure the contents inside the containers. The structurally integrity of the containers provide security to the cargo inside and various other forms of external damage.

Shipping containers, those specifically built for maritime transport are built to sustain weather conditions, which thereby adds another layer of protection to pharmacological products inside.



Throughout this blog we have discussed how containers are used through the pharmaceutical industry. Reefer containers or refrigerated containers are by far the best option for the pharmaceutical industry. They provide the ability to be climate controlled which is necessary for vaccines and other pharmaceutical drugs. Conventional inventory spaces are expensive and require lots of maintenance, whereas containers are relatively less expensive. As the container industry continues to grow, the need for containers within the pharmaceutical industry will keep increasing. Here at Sigma Container, we can provide the solutions possible to solve your storage and container needs. For more info visit or give us a call at 416-366-7762.