How Might Containers Be Delivered in the Future?
Feb 2020

How Might Containers Be Delivered in the Future?

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Let’s face it, moving can be a major inconvenience. It’s hard enough to pack up all your stuff and haul it over to your new location with everything intact. For those that own shipping containers, there’s another factor to consider when moving from one place to another.

Thankfully, here at Sigma Container Corporation, we offer a shipping container moving service with tilt and load trucks, to make sure your moving process is as easy as possible. All you need to do is let us know what size container you have, whether it’s empty or not, and where you want us to deliver it!

While services like ours definitely help make the moving process more efficient, advances in technology may make future container delivery even easier. Read on to discover the ingenious ways that shipping containers may be delivered in the future.

Self-Driving and Automation

With tech companies constantly innovating to reduce manual labour, automation is expected to take over in many industries. Self-driving cars and trucks are no longer a faraway dream but are a reality. In the future, self-driven trucks could be responsible for delivering large shipping containers.

As they would rely on automation and advanced technology, self-driving cars would ideally be more fuel-efficient and provide faster, more reliable service. Truck drivers today tire at the wheel and need to take breaks mandated by law.

Self-driven cars and trucks, on the other hand, would be able to drive continuously and could navigate the best route possible with less traffic. Any human errors and accidents would be eliminated or greatly reduced. No matter the distance, your shipping container would be successfully delivered.

While self-driving cars and trucks may be one option for the future, why not take it a step further and suggest automated trains and ships? Both trains and ships are meant to store huge loads of cargo and go further distances.

Having these methods automated would decrease the cost of labour and streamline the process of delivery. Could this be the best and perhaps most cost-effective way to conveniently deliver shipping containers in bulk? Only time will tell.

Underground Delivery

While the idea of moving underground for a faster commute and less traffic is nothing new, underground delivery could possibly be used as a shipping method as well. While this method may be more difficult for larger items such as shipping containers, it could work well for parcel and postal delivery. If we trust going underground for our daily travels, why shouldn’t we rely on an underground system for easy, efficient shipping and delivery?

Drone Delivery

Another awe-inspiring delivery method being tried and tested by multiple start-up companies is drone delivery. That’s right – imagine looking up at the big blue sky and seeing your shipping container gliding right down to you like a kite in the breeze!

It may sound unbelievable but even companies like Amazon are considering and discussing options for implementing this method of delivery. Forget pigs, it may not be long until we start to see shipping containers fly.

While none of these scenarios are possible at the moment (but drone delivery and self-driving vehicles are on the horizon), there are still services available that will bring you convenience and ease when moving your shipping container. Packing up and moving everything doesn’t have to be a hassle.

For more information on shipping container delivery methods, call Sigma Container Corporation at (855) 340-3342 or contact us here.