Common Myths About Shipping Container Homes
Feb 2020

Common Myths About Shipping Container Homes

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With minimalism rising in popularity and downsizing becoming the norm, shipping container homes have seen a rise in interest. Many opt to modify a shipping container to be used as their first house, vacation spot or even their second or third home.

While the possibilities can be endless with modern shipping container modifications and the ability to customize containers to your preferences, there are still some common myths surrounding this new method of housing.

If you or someone you know are interested in building a shipping container home, it is important to have as much information as possible before starting this journey.

Below are some of the most common misconceptions about container homes and explanations to debunk these myths.

Shipping Container Homes are Difficult to Build

While shipping container homes can come in an array of different sizes and complexities, they don’t have to be difficult to construct. In fact, many shipping container homes are built by beginners using DIY techniques.

The internet is filled with countless videos and tutorials on the different aspects of homebuilding when it comes to shipping containers. Keep in mind that if you are attempting to construct your own container home then it is best to stick to a simple blueprint. In the case that you are building a more complex home with multiple levels, many rooms, and features, you will require professional help and consult.

Ultimately, the difficulty level when constructing your container home will depend on multiple factors, but mainly on how complex you want your home to be in the long run. The simpler the home, the easier and more feasible it will be for you to DIY.

Shipping Container Homes are Uncomfortable

When thinking of a traditional shipping container, it’s hard to see how a normal family could live comfortably in such confined spaces. With the addition of air conditioning, roof coatings, insulation, and many other features, shipping containers can be temperature-controlled and perfectly suited to your preferences.

In regards to space, multiple shipping containers can be put together depending on how big you plan on making your shipping container home. The interiors of your shipping container can be painted, altered and decorated depending on whatever vision you have in mind.

Here at Sigma Containers, we can assist you with the design and engineering of your unique project and even provide blueprints for your dream container home. With all these services and features available, it’s hard to imagine your shipping container home being anything but cozy and inviting.

Shipping Container Homes are Affordable

One of the biggest myths out there regarding shipping container homes is that they are far less expensive than traditional homes. While prices can range depending on the size, additions and what modifications you choose, container homes can easily be just as expensive or the same as traditional housing.

In addition, if you go the DIY route, the manpower alone and countless hours that you spend will also factor in the total costs of the project. If you are hoping to keep costs down and spend less than traditional housing, don’t go overboard with luxurious features. Instead, stick to the basics and work within your budget.

Shipping Container Homes are Eco-Friendly

Many shipping container homes are made with brand new containers as opposed to old and used containers. This is typical because a new container would not have been exposed to any elements in the past and will thus have a longer lifespan.

For those that plan to live in their shipping container home for many years, this option makes sense. Using a new container instead of an old one, however, defeats the purpose of being eco-friendly and repurposing old materials.

If you are wanting to stay eco-friendly then your best bet would be to build your container home with used containers. This ensures that old containers that are no longer used for shipping can be put to good use instead of being left to rot.

So, now that we’ve uncovered the truth and debunked these myths regarding shipping container homes, we hope you found the information you need to start constructing. Always remember to have a good plan in place when building any house so that you don’t end up with unexpected surprises and expenses. With a good plan to start and the right resources, a shipping container home can be just as comfortable as a traditional home while still being economical and eco-friendly.

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