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Alternative Ways to Utilize Storage Containers
Nov 2019

Alternative Ways to Utilize Storage Containers

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Though storage containers have long been thought of as the primary method for transferring large shipments or storing unused possessions, they have recently been popular for more creative uses. If you’re in the market for a swimming pool, garden oasis, or even a tiny home, then a storage container could be the perfect solution. Made from solid steel and able to withstand the elements, shipping containers are durable, practical, and easily customizable through many shipping container modifications. Read on to discover more ingenious and, also, eco-friendly uses for shipping containers.


An increasingly popular way of utilizing storage containers is by turning them into extended office spaces. If you find that your home does not have sufficient space for an office, but you’ve always dreamt of having a personal working space, then this could be an excellent alternative for you. Likewise, if you run your own company and would like to set up inexpensive offices for your employees, then this could also be a good option, as you can choose to group multiple containers.

Tiny Homes

With the rise of minimalism and the increasing costs of homeownership, many are starting to transform shipping containers into tiny homes. These containers can be modified and customized to a client’s liking and distinct tastes. After renovations, many of them are just as modern and comfortable (if not more so) than your average suburban home. You can choose to include shipping container modifications that will elevate your living space. Perhaps you would like to install toilets, showers, kitchen appliances, and even a washer and dryer. Contractors can help add proper insulation to keep comfortable temperatures. If you are looking to downsize from your current home or create a tiny cottage or vacation home elsewhere, a storage container will provide you with numerous options and possibilities to make your dream a reality.

Swimming Pools or Saunas

For those who enjoy the water and would like to have their very own swimming pool in the comfort of their backyard, a shipping container can offer the perfect depth and length for this use. With modifications, the length can even be elongated to accommodate your desired size. Another spa-like option for your shipping container can be a personal sauna. For those who live in colder climates or if you just enjoy the serene heat and therapeutic benefits of the sauna, you can modify your storage container to suit your personalized spa experience.


Do you enjoy nature and tending to growing plants and budding flowers? Or perhaps you’re thinking about starting your own vegetable or herb garden. If you have a green thumb, but limited space to execute your gardening plans, then you can transform a shipping container into your ideal garden by installing water systems and modifying it to open the space for natural daylight. Once complete, you will have the perfect garden haven to retreat to when you need a breath of fresh air.

Stores and Pop-Up Shops

Rather than spend a fortune on renting a commercial space, shipping containers are becoming perfect spaces for small stores. Their mobility makes them even more ideal for pop-up shops, as they can be set up and moved around easily. Not only is this more cost-efficient than a traditional store, but it also offers more flexibility, as you can customize the space to fit what you are selling and where you plan on setting up shop.


With their large size, storage containers can also accommodate students and teachers for a comfortable classroom experience. While this is typically done in less developed nations, those thinking of starting a tutoring business might look into this option, as it can serve as a quiet, peaceful atmosphere for potential students, especially when tutoring small groups or seminars. In the evenings, it could even double as the hosting place for local committees or book club meetings.

Generator Enclosures

Shipping containers can act as the perfect protective barrier for your outdoor generator. Since they are weather-resistant and can be modified to further reduce sound, they ensure not only efficiency but also protection from all elements to make your generator last for years.


Are you a car enthusiast that needs some extra garage space? Or, maybe you have an excess of tools that you’d like to get organized? Whichever the case, a shipping container can definitely serve as a garage or even additional garage space. Since storage containers are sturdy and perfect for storing heavy-duty machinery and equipment, they often make for reliable garages.


If you are an artist, photographer, or creative professional, then you may benefit from having your own studio to develop your talents and showcase your work. For those who need absolute silence to be productive, the storage container can be modified so that it is soundproof. This ensures the utmost privacy so that your work will not be disturbed, and your artistic abilities can flourish.


Have you always dreamed of opening up your own restaurant, creating a menu and serving the local clientele? Storage containers that are grouped together can make great restaurants, as they give off a very cozy and homely vibe. Plus, their unconventional look can definitely strike up conversations amongst the locals and make the place a neighbourhood hit. On the other hand, you can also use the container as more of a food truck with a nearby seating area for a quick bite on the go.

With all these options available for utilizing shipping containers, it’s easy to see why they have been rising in popularity. You may find that the same storage container you had bought to store your old furniture and excess belongings can be upgraded into your brand-new vacation home or cottage. Not only is this a great way to reduce costs, but it ultimately reduces the amount of waste that reaches our landfills by recycling and repurposing. Lastly, keep in mind that these are just some of the endless possibilities for transforming and modifying storage containers. If you have an idea that you would like to implement or for more information on shipping container modifications, call Sigma Container Corporation (SCC) at (855) 340-3342 or contact us here.