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6 Tips for Renting a Shipping Container for Moving
Oct 2019

6 Tips for Renting a Shipping Container for Moving

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When packing houses or small to mid-sized office spaces, shipping containers make a wonderful alternative to traditional moving trucks. There are many benefits to these units, including:

  • A large enough space for all your belongings
  • Affordable transit
  • Convenient drop-off and pickup options
  • Weather-proofed exterior
  • Secure locking mechanism for safe storage

Shipping containers have been used to transport consumer goods since a patent was filed in 1962. Before this, moving containers were primarily used for military purposes. Now, container shipping transports $4-billion worth of products annually. It’s not surprising that these crates are used for more than just international sea transport. They’re also used by modern moving companies to store and transfer belongings.

If you’ve thought about renting a shipping container in the past but were unsure how – this blog is for you. At Sigma Containers, we want our clients to be informed. Here are 6 tips for renting a container for your next move.

1. Know your size requirements

Any movers in Ontario will tell you, “the key to a successful move is organization.” This includes knowing any size constraints for your belongings and transportation unit. Shipping containers come in a variety of sizes. At Sigma, we offer a 20-foot and a 40-foot option. These are delivered on 40-foot and 60-foot trucks and trailers, which means you also need to account for space in your driveway, parking lot or yard.

The average container can hold up to 4-bedrooms worth of furniture and belongings. This is a floor to ceiling packing model, with plenty of space to fill. If you’re a structured packer, which provides an appropriately sized box for every belonging, filling this space will be simple.

Before renting storage or moving containers for your trip, take an inventory of the objects you’ll be moving. Taking measurements for large furniture and appliances will help improve the accuracy of this decision.

2. Don’t blow your budget

Whether you’re a business owner or a homeowner, moving costs money. We understand there isn’t always enough for the type of moving materials and transport you’d hoped to employ. Fortunately, shipping containers are an affordable alternative to traditional movers in Ontario.

Hiring a team of movers ensures your belongings are packed thoughtfully and shipped strategically. However, it also means being charged by the weight of belongings, the distance travelled, and the hours spent packing and moving. All these factors add up.

Shipping containers let you skip the middleman and focus on what’s important. Such as having enough room for everything, the option for storage, a secure unit of transportation, etc. Most companies who rent their containers to the public offer a quote based on how long the container will be on use, as well as the size of the container, and whether you require delivery and pickup.

3. Compare before you confirm

In a day and age when the internet displays everything you need to know, it’s good sense to compare online. Business comparisons are easy to find. Between the variety of review sites like Yelp, and customer ratings on Google Business, there’s no shortage of opinion.

Word of mouth from friends, family, and social media connections also offers insight. During the comparison process, things to look for include:

  • Overall Price
  • Container size
  • Hidden fees
  • Previous customer experience
  • Additional services

You can also speak directly to moving container companies to determine which best fits your moving needs.

4. Ask for references

You wouldn’t hire a new employee without checking their references, so why hire somebody to manage the storage or transport of your belongings without them? Successful businesses are successful for a reason – their customers love their products and services. Companies with nothing to hide are happy to give potential clients a glimpse into past work. Don’t be afraid to ask for a list of ways containers have been used in the past, and for a link to past clients who have posted positive reviews.

5. Visit a shipping container site

Sometimes it’s not enough to speak to a company on the phone. Seeing in-person, what moving units look like and how the business interacts with their customers could be a defining factor in whether you rent a container. Businesses who have well-organized spaces and containers on-site to visualize your move better will put you at ease about the process.

Visiting a site also gives you the chance to chat with management and detect what level of customer service you’ll be offered.

6. Ask about security

It’s important to keep your shipping container safe and secure. Many moving container services provide a lock or show you how to secure the space for yourself. Whether you choose to use the unit for storage or move the container to a new dwelling, security is crucial. It would be awful to load boxes and furniture into the container only to have it stolen.

You shouldn’t just be concerned with how safe your container is. One great question to ask your container service provider is, “What kind of insurance is included?” If damage were to occur to the container or your belongings, is there any protection for lost or damaged items?

There’s no use looking for the best movers in Ontario because every family values different features and services above others. What’s important is choosing a team that supports you from start to finish and gives you the right tools to get the job done quickly and affordably.

To get more tips for moving with a shipping container, call Sigma Containers at 1-855-228-1993, or contact us here.