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Every Container Size and Type Available in the Industry for Sale
Container Sales
SCC offers new and used containers – standard and specialty – to suit a variety of project needs. Our well established relationships with reliable suppliers and streamlined system of operations allow us to provide customers with quality units across Ontario.
Container Modifications
Equipped with the latest technology, and staffed with experienced professionals, SCC is ready to help make your container vision a reality. Secure and portable, the standard ISO shipping container provides a versatile platform for innovative design and modification.
Shipping Container Moving Services
SCC uses tilt and load trucks to provide reliable delivery to our customers. This allows our drivers to maneuver and drop our containers off in precise locations! When deciding on the exact spot for where you want the container to be dropped off on your property, please clear enough space for the truck to move into position. That way, our drivers can drop the container off exactly where you want it! Take your container with you!
Design and Engineering Services
For a more sophisticated container project, you may require assistance with design and engineering. SCC offers customers the one-stop solution to all your container project needs. We can help you create custom designs to varying levels of complexity, as well as provide engineered blueprints. Discuss with a SCC consultant to determine your needs, and we will provide you with quality services at highly competitive price-points!
Container Rentals
With one of Ontario’s largest shipping container rental fleets, SCC is ready to deliver as many shipping containers you need! SCC offers high-security shipping container storage solutions for both commercial and residential use, brought directly to you with our tilt-and-load trucks. Previous Next At SCC, our rental team delivers all containers on tilt and load trucks. Our self-loading and offloading trucks simplify delivery and pickup for you.

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