Why Shipping Container Tiny Homes Are Rising in Popularity
Sep 2022

Why Shipping Container Tiny Homes Are Rising in Popularity

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In today’s world, prices are soaring everywhere. This affects everything we do and buy in our daily lives, including the overall cost of living.

Many aspects of life are now moving online, especially since the recent pandemic. People are grocery shopping, hobby shopping, purchasing new vehicles, and, now, even purchasing shipping container or modular homes.

As a result, people’s ideals, priorities, and dreams are changing. No longer do the majority of people want the big expensive house, land, swimming pools, and home spas or gyms, along with a four-car attached or detached garage. People are looking for a simpler, smaller life, and container or modular homes are allowing them to realize this.

This does not mean that you have to sacrifice all the perks of a traditional home. You can still have everything, just smaller (or sometimes even bigger). For instance, you can have that swimming pool, a multi-car garage, and designer look all under budget and, in many cases, cheaper than that of traditionally built homes.

Tiny container homes are also eco-friendly and sustainable. This allows you to save on money as well as the environment. By adding accessories like solar panels, you can decrease your living costs even further while reducing your carbon footprint.

When you are looking for containers for sale in Ontario, make sure you look at how the container will also be transported. Does the company provide transportation for you? This will save you money if they do, and ensure they deliver it properly and on time.

At Sigma Container Corporation, we can also do assessments prior to delivery to ensure that the ground that the containers are being placed on will be safe to do so. This is especially important if you are stacking them.

What makes a tiny home desirable?

Tiny homes are versatile, thus allowing you to build as small or as large of a house as you want.

Shipping containers are also very versatile. You can create multiple levels or purchase double-wide containers for expanded floor space. You can sink them into the ground to create swimming pools, secure underground vaults, or even parking garages. Indeed, with the freedom to be placed anywhere and customized to fit your perfect look, they are becoming increasingly desirable.

As the frame of your new home has already been built and is strong and durable, this reduces the costs in construction, both financially and environmentally.

We can customize them with windows, skylights, and doors so that they can blend into or stand out in any environment. You can have them painted in any colour and fitted with all the modern appliances, from dishwashers and washing machines to fireplaces and saunas.

By the time we have completed the customization, you will still be within budget and people won’t be able to know that it was ever a shipping container unless you want them to.

You can also make these adaptable containers even more eco-friendly than they already are. By installing solar panels that will generate power, composting systems to generate heat, and water filtration systems to collect rainwater and reuse the water already in the home, your basic utilities will run and pay for themselves.

This is especially useful when you are constructing your home outside of major cities and towns, where resources such as water, gas, and power are less abundant.

The Benefits of Using a Shipping Container for a Tiny Home

With rising costs, a tiny home proves to be very budget-friendly, both in construction and then in subsequent running costs.

You will need to check what permits are required to build a container home, but these are usually not as restrictive as building a traditional home.

After construction, the costs to run the home are minimal. With the addition of reusable energy sources, the most you could end up paying is the taxes and the mortgage.

Cleaning and maintenance costs and needs are reduced with tiny homes as the smaller the space, the less there is to clean and maintain. The durability of a shipping container means that the house will last for many years without the need to be repaired.

Since they don’t require a foundation when put in place as a temporary structure, they are portable. This allows you to place your tiny home in any location you purchase to make your dream home a reality.

For longer-term or permanent locations, a foundation will be required, but this doesn’t mean that in several years you can’t move your home. While it might be a little more work to move, the scenery can change, and your home will stay the same.

Why You Should Consider a Shipping Container Home

Shipping containers allow you to be as creative as you want when designing your new home. This includes everything from sleek and stylish, simple yet distinct looks, to the environmentally friendly, relaxing, warm, and cozy feel.

Your home is also not limited to one container. They have the ability to be stacked or have multiple containers placed in any pattern on the ground. This way, you can expand and create more levels. You are thus not confined to one container unless you want to be.

A lot of the fabrication can also be done before you start to place the containers. With minimal impact on the environment and your wallet, construction can take less time than that of a traditional house. You will be the talk of your friends and neighbours, without the home being unsightly and looking like a shipping container.

There are millions of empty containers waiting to be reused and transformed into something beautiful, thus protecting the environment and your family for many years to come in style.

Let Us Help Build Your Dream Tiny Home

When looking at containers for sale in Ontario, Sigma Container Corporation has a wide range of containers (both new and used) ready to make your dream come true.

If you want more information, or to begin the process of building your dream home, you can contact us online or call us at 1-877-225-7762 to get started today.

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