Shipping Overseas In Containers: How does it Work?
Sep 2023

Shipping Overseas In Containers: How does it Work?

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Shipping Containers have become a very popular new and upcoming market for numerous individuals. Besides for their original use to carry cargo overseas and make global logistics far more efficient and profitable. Containers have begun to have far more uses than just for cargo.

Brief History on Containers

In this weeks Blog post, we will discuss the topic of: Shipping container coming e to be the most crucial aspect of Global International shipping today. Firstly, lets start off by discussing how shipping container became to dominate the global market.  The first “shipping container” was created in 1956 by Malcolm Mclean as a new idea to improve the options to move goods across the world. Three ideas were at the forefront of McLeans idea when designing the new container. Firstly, increased safety allowed for reducing lost goods and damage of goods. Secondly, reducing manual labour meant that containers would reduce the work of port worker to load and unload cargo. Lastly, increased efficiency would allow for better flow of products   thereby leading to increased profits That brief history lesson sums of the invention and reasons why shipping containers became so popular for companies involved in international shipping.

Economical Benefit

In today’s age shipping containers are most likely the most important aspects of international shipping and logistics. The global market heavily relies on containers to keep costs low and help improve the flow of global trading. Containers represent the best options to transport goods in today modern age; almost everything that you own, or use has probably been transported in a shipping container. According to numerous sources, around 14 trillion dollars worth of good are transported by shipping containers each year. That is a huge amount, and it is easy to see why shipping containers are so valuable to the international market. It is interesting to see how far we have evolved, to have containers to be a quintessential part of our everyday lives. Next, we will discuss how the pandemic had dramatic impacts on container price and availability.

Covid Impact

The pandemic changed many things throughout the world, but the biggest impact was seen on the shipping industry. Containers during this time were faced with many unresolved problems. Most Ports and global shipping had been almost halted to a standstill, proving that there was less demand for containers on the global market. Thereby, reducing the number of containers that were being produced during this period. Now what does that mean? Well, in fact this caused a global shortage of shipping containers, and the affects of this are still being seen to this day. What this did is it increased the cost of shipping and therefore increased costs of goods and services. Which resulted in an inflation of prices that we are still experiencing today. Moving forward will we discuss in detail how shipping containers exactly work.

Explanation of Container Usage

Now to explain directly how shipping containers work is straight forward. Container are loaded various products including dry goods, cars and many more. Then put onto a cargo ship then transported across the world. The simple fact is with out shipping container transporting goods would be virtually impossible. There is a multi billion-dollar industry that depends on them to make global shipping efficient. That brief explanation is straight forward to many but uncommon to other. Next we will discuss how containers are used overseas for a variety of services. 

Container; shipping overseas

There is an option to use shipping containers to move your personal items from one country to another internationally.  Firstly, individuals can purchase the container out right then pay for it to be delivered to and from the shipping yard. This includes high cost to use the crane and other port side materials that are expensive to operate. Another option is to have an international shipping company to do this, meaning they have all the resources to ship products internationally a timely manner. Shipping in terms global is a small portion of the market compared to shipping goods. It still does represent another option that sea containers provide. There is belief that the popularity of sea containers, will continue to grow as a new and efficient way to transport personal goods.  The low cost these containers will continue to provide the cheap financial option for shipping personal items.


To sum up all points discussed throughout this week’s blog post. Sea containers are quintessentially the best way to transport goods, they are vital to the global economy and maintain the stability of a 14-billion-dollar industry. We have seen how the reduction in Sea Containers has had dramatically changes in the cost of goods and services. While containers are still primarily used for there basic usage, modern ideas are being brought to revolutionize the way we think of containers. Even though, there are these new ideas to use containers they remain the best option to transport goods overseas there is no denying that at all. The stability and consistency they provide to the industry is why no ones has thought of another way to transport goods.

The fact of the matter is sea containers are here to stay for the long haul, simply because they are the best economical options to transport goods across global markets.