Shipping Containers: Relation to The Agricultural Economy
Sep 2023

Shipping Containers: Relation to The Agricultural Economy

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Shipping Containers: Relation to The Agricultural Economy

Many may ask what can shipping containers be used for other than shipping? Shipping containers provide an excellent option for storage usages but provide other options as well. With modifications containers can be turned into practically anything therefore creating a viable option for agricultural usage. This article will explain how containers can be beneficial to the agricultural economy and provide more options than just storage.


Two container options for harvest season

Within the shipping container industry there are many different types of containers that provide different options. Firstly, we can discuss the basic containers these can come in sizes of 20’, 40’, 40’HC (1 inch taller than standard size container). All these containers are great option for storage of agricultural equipment. Many objects can be stored including tractors parts and many other types of farm equipment. Both 20’ and 40’ containers provide the security and stability to provide a safe space for all sorts of farm equipment.

Modifications to these units can allow for the containers to act as a workshop, some modifications that would be ideal for workshops include roll up doors, windows, shelving, tire rack etc. The fact of the matter is with containers anything is possible, because of versatility they provide to consumers.

Insulated containers also known as reefer containers provide the ideal option for storing perishable food items. Many of these containers would be ideal options for storing produce right after harvest. Having the ability to have a climate-controlled container is ideal for shipping and holding produce. Refer containers are typically used for fruits, vegetables and even meats, this makes them ideal for the agricultural usage because of their ability to have a stable climate.


Ways Containers can be beneficial to a harvest season.


Shipping containers are the perfect option for moving items, because of there easy maneuverability shipping containers provide clients to flexible options to clients. If you want to move the container off your property or even move it within your property containers, containers provide that option. Having the ability to be extremely versatile and easy to move gives owners of containers flexibility in their container options. Providing temporary storage solutions is why containers have begun to become so popular over the last 20 years.

Shipping containers are beneficially to the agricultural sector in many ways primarily as an option for tool storage. Typically barns and other types of permanent storage solutions are rather expensive to build. With the ability to move and modify containers they provide the best option to access tools in a quick and safe manner.

The added security of shipping containers is what sets containers out from the rest of other storage options. Strong steel doors and solid sides allow for a container to be secure and safe making them a leading option compared to other storage options. As well the ability to add a padlock to the container will increase the security even more. Padlocks are heavy-duty locks that are set on the front doors of the container to prevent anyone from gaining access to the inside. Containers are already extremely secure; a padlock is just an additional feature that will improve the security even more.

Hydroponic farming with Containers

Hydroponic farming is defined  as a technique of growing plants using water based nutrient solution rather than soil. Shipping containers provide the ideal atmosphere to create a biodiverse space to allow numerous types of produce to be grown. To create a hydroponic farm a shipping container will have to be modified.

Shipping Containers: Relation to Agriculture

Modifications will include electrical outputs, water access, insulation, and possibly a roll up door and or windows. The best container to use would be a reefer container, which means the container will have a refrigeration unit which will allow the container to be climate controlled. Having the ability to be climate controlled will allow the container to have the best possible growing environment.

Operation of Hydroponic farming

To grow produce an irrigation system will need to be added. Grow supply and Zip grow are companies that specialize in hydroponic farming methods or options can include using PVC pipes to create a functional irrigation system.

Hydroponic container can be built by individuals, some companies do create the hydroponic containers as well. Companies specializing in hydroponic containers are located all over the world. Premade hydroponic containers will come with all the features needed start growing produce immediately. The main concern individuals have is price, building a hydroponic container from the bottom up can be extremely expensive. Having a premade container can offer some relief since it will be cheaper.

Hydroponic containers are a unique way to use containers for a purpose other than storage. This new and innovative way to use containers will allow the market to grow and reach new cliental. New and innovative ways to use containers are one of the ways containers are becoming more and more popular among businesses.

Shipping containers are extremely beneficial to agricultural development. Shipping containers can be used in many ways from storage of farm equipment to modern practices of farming. Harvest season is the most important time of year in the agricultural market, shipping containers can provide options to improve yields.

Ability of Container Farms

Container Farms are a modern approach to sustainable urban farming. Containers take up less space than a traditional farm, thereby allowing for low costs while still providing a excellent product. Container farms can come in 20ft or 40ft and can be placed relatively anywhere depending on city bylaws.

People may ask how a container can grow vegetables and fruits? The simple answer to that is controlled environment agriculture (CEA), this technology ensures the best growing conditions and protection for crops. Typically, within container farms crops are set up to grow vertically, therefore allowing for maximum usage of that specific space. As explained earlier containers and the creation of hydroponic farming is allowing for more and more containers to be used for purposes other than storage.



Throughout this article we have discussed how the ability of storage containers can be exploited into many new options. While containers are still extremely practical for there intended purpose which is storage new options are arising. As discussed earlier in this post hydroponic farming is a great modern option for farming. Simply because of the limited amount of space it requires. Using a container is cheaper and more particular in a sense than having large scale farms. Providing a small yield of crops helps to reduce the ecological footprint that comes with traditional farming methods. Containers provide the best option for consumers, thereby making it vital in changing the way we live and think about certain aspects of society.