How to Store Holiday Decor in Your Storage Container
Nov 2023

How to Store Holiday Decor in Your Storage Container

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Of course, there are many things to love about the holidays we celebrate each year; cooking up a lovely meal at Thanksgiving, seeing kids dressed up in creative costumes for Halloween, unwrapping Christmas gifts with family and much more.

Another feature of holiday celebrations that usually brings joy to each occasion is decorating, as a decorated household is often crucial to genuinely feeling the spirit of the holiday.

Yet, imagine going to look for your prized Christmas tree topper that your family has used for generations or your spooky candy bowl that you always put out for Halloween and not being able to find these things anywhere, no matter how hard you search.

It sounds awful, does it not? Unfortunately, it is easy to misplace or lose these incredibly sentimental pieces if you do not properly organize and store your holiday decorations each year. Without them, your holidays will not feel quite the same. Having to replace holiday decorations each year will eventually get expensive.

If you want to avoid such disastrous outcomes, putting effort into adequately organizing and storing your holiday decorations after using them each year is necessary. This will allow you to know exactly where to find these things the next time you need them.

How to Improve the Way That You Store Your Holiday Decor in Your Storage Container

Taking down decorations and putting them away is never as exciting as putting them up. Still, it is necessary to carefully consider how you store your holiday decor if you want to continue getting use out of it for the foreseeable future.

There are several different storage practices that you can use to help improve the organization of your decorations, and applying these practices will pay off in the long run. The following are some of the best things to do if you want to keep the holiday decor in your storage container well organized:

  1. Declutter Old Decor

    Although there are specific holiday decorations that you will probably never want to get rid of due to their sentimental value, consider getting rid of certain things when they become used less often or visibly worn.

    After each holiday, as you are taking down your decor, sort through everything before packing it away, and try to get rid of anything that is broken or that you do not think you will use in the future. There is no sense in trying to find places to store excessive decorations unnecessarily.

    Rather than throwing out the items you no longer need, donating these things or passing them on to someone else who will get some use out of them is nice.

  2. Get Your Hands on Storage Bins

    Rather than storing your holiday decorations in one big pile or finding spots to store individual items, it is a good idea to invest in some large storage bins where you can put all the decorations for each holiday.

    It will make organizing your decorations by holiday much easier, as you can have a bin for Christmas, one for Halloween, another for Easter, and so on.

    Get stackable clear bins so that they are easier to arrange in your storage container, and you can see what is inside each one and easily discern between them. Alternatively, get a thick permanent marker and clearly label each bin so you know what is in them. It will make it possible to retrieve the decorations that you need with ease every time a holiday comes up.

  3. Get Creative with Your Packing Methods

    Sometimes, a little creativity can go a long way when it comes to packing your decorations up after a holiday has come to an end. In this case, it helps to think outside the box to find ways to keep everything as organized as possible, which often means repurposing particular objects to help with that.

    For instance, consider using magazine racks to organize gift bags, stationery, wall decals, and clear garment bags to help protect your holiday decorations from damage and dust while in storage.

    Do you hate spending hours untangling balls of string lights, garland, streamers, or bead strings yearly? You can prevent these tangled messes and save yourself a ton of time by wrapping these things around pieces of recycled cardboard before putting them in storage.

    Egg cartons also make great storage containers for smaller items like Christmas tree ornaments.

  4. Exercise Caution with Fragile Items

    If you have delicate holiday decorations, make sure you are extra cautious when packing them away to prevent the disappointment of opening up a box only to find it crushed next year. Adding padding inside boxes that hold fragile items is one way to avoid this, which you can do with newspaper, tissue paper, or natural excelsior.

    If you have bubble wrap on hand, it can also be a lifesaver, but make sure that you wrap items with it individually rather than just covering items with a sheet. When stacking your storage bins or boxes, keep the more fragile items up top while keeping the heavier items below.

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