How to Create an Epic Dog House With a Shipping Container
Apr 2022

How to Create an Epic Dog House With a Shipping Container

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Are you looking for a new do-it-yourself project that will benefit you and your furry friend? Building your dog a house can be an excellent venture that will test out your hands-on skills, particularly if you build a house made of unique materials.

Sure, using wood can create a magnificent house for your dog, but utilizing a shipping container can be a versatile and sturdy method to house your friend. Turning a modified shipping container in Ontario into a bonafide doghouse doesn’t have to be as time-consuming and painstaking as it sounds.

Pursuing this eccentric venture can be simplistic, and the result can include a spacious area for your dog to sleep, play, and bark in, without sacrificing any comforts!

The Benefits of the Shipping Container

Before you begin building your doghouse made from a shipping container, you might be wondering what the benefits of a container are and if it is worth actively pursuing.

Shipping containers can be relatively inexpensive and are easily modified and renovated, making your dog’s dream home an easy project. More so, using shipping containers will ensure your dog’s safety inside of one as it can withstand weather extremities due to its strength and durability.

The work put into your dog’s new home will never be for naught as the shipping container can easily be relocated if need be. The shipping container can be large, roomy, luxurious, and a safe-kept area for your dog to reside. Such qualities are fit for any household pet!

Planning to Build

As you plan to build your epic dog house, be sure to select a shipping container that is most comfortable for your dog. Whether that means one made of a certain material or extra spacious for your large pup, another important element that should be included in your shipping container is a proper ventilation system that will allow your dog to receive fresh air.

Purchasing a shipping container with a suitable door or a door sizeable enough for a dog can also be helpful for when your dog has to go outside to do their business. Something else that should be factored into this build is the location of your doghouse.

What part of the lawn does your dog like the most? Should they be placed beside the front door for easy access? Such questions should be considered before construction begins.

Developing Your Doghouse

Now that you know the benefits of the shipping container and what to consider before developing your dog’s new home, the natural progression is to make the container suitable for a canine.

Upon receiving your shipping container, make sure there are sufficient dog-friendly entrances that your dog can use with ease and understanding. Hanging a tarp or cloth by the entrance will keep your dog dry from the rain and snow and warm from cold. Installing a proper dog door is also a viable option.

Interior Safety

After you finalize the dog entrance, you will want to insulate the inside of the container to maximize your dog’s comfort and security.

Depending on the material of the container (with a wood container, use fibreglass and with a metal or plastic container, use double foil) and the climate outside, you will want to secure the container with preventative measures for any extreme weather event.

Installing and wiring a heating system during the winter months and using a ventilating system during the summer months can help your dog feel comfortable in any kind of weather.

To add to your dog’s comfort as he settles into his new shipping container home, you will want to supply the house with bedding, an abundance of dog toys, and a food and water dish. After these essential items are placed inside, your dog is sure to adore its home!

Exterior Decor

If there isn’t one already, adding a fence around the outside of your doghouse is particularly vital if your dog’s nose leads them to places that aren’t your home!

Further, placing a set of dog dishes on the shipping container’s exterior can also ensure that your dog doesn’t ruin the bedding inside their home. And if the shipping container you’ve selected allows for a new coat of paint on the outside, then you can further personalize your dog’s new home.

A modified shipping container may not be the first method that comes to mind when planning to build a dog house, but it is incredibly useful. With shipping containers in various sizes found at accessible places like Sigma Container, modifying one into a dog house can be a breeze. Initial steps and developments make converting a shipping container into a dog house easy and make you and your dog happy new homeowners!

To learn more about how to convert a shipping container into the perfect home for your dog, call Sigma Containers at 1-877-225-7762 or contact us here.

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